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'The Koala's Republic of Koalafornia'

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(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: In Koala we trust
Anthem: "I Love You, Koalafornia"
Capital Sacred Mint
Largest city Lost Angels
Official languages English, Australian English, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish, Southern Koalafornian Vernacular English/Spanish (Spanglish), Filipino, and Gumlish
Government Koalic Republic
Prime Minister Dr. Giratina
National Hero(es) Vim
Currency Eucalyptus leaves
Religion Discordianism 80%, Christianity 12%, Islam 4%, Other 4%
Population About 1-2 koalas per tree in Koalafornia, so that is censored
Area Over 400 million trees
Population density See 'Population'
Ethnic groups Koalas
Major exports Fur and cuteness
Major imports Everything else
National animal You've probably guessed by now[1]
Favourite pastime Koala punching
Opening hours 2.00am-11pm (on Sundays 23.45 hours)
Internet tld .koala
Calling code +61 111111111

Koalafornia is where they're at. By they, we mean koalas, of course!

Koalafornia is also known as "The Australian Outba."





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  1. Wombat, of course!