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The Spifertulakfeon (pronounced spy-fur-chew-lack-fee-on) was made when a spork was combined with a knife, making a spiferk, then with a spatula, to make it into the ultimate utensil.

The rise and fall etc. of the Spifertulakfeons[edit | edit source]

They initially came to power on 19th August 1967, but were defeated by a small magnet sent by a Wooden Spoon. This tiny magnet was extremely powerful, and forced all the Spifertulakfeons down into a single one. This short, stubby, heavy utensil attended numerous weight loss clinics, but all of them were baffled as the Spifertulakfeon does not eat anything, ever, except penguins.

Their most proud moment in history was when they discovered that Pi ends at digit 3,767,552,756,021, with the number 8. Unfortunately, they realised that they could not talk, and decided to sit in silence and laugh at all the Mathemagicians who thought it would never end.

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