Trained Parroting Puppet Assassins

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You are cogs!

The Trained Parroting Puppet Assassins</big?> plays the role of assassin, clam roll, billy club, polo shirt and other highly ambient domains. They are especially active during Winter, and break only for Faerie holidays. They drink heavily, usually starting first thing in the morning. Chickens will not be included for purposes of this draft, which will surely be seen by the Russian Court Hierarchy of Covetous Heathens, so help me God!

The Roman Holy Patron Saint of Beer Metaphors is often called upon to serve ceremony, often going to the shoes of others while filling his pockets with fish. Wednesdays are reserved for coral dust, so driving is optional for all but the most secret, highest personages. These are held secret only one to the other until four or more admit to being hungry. At this time, will the peasants of Harley-Davidson Chinese Spy Imports spring from their vaults, and surprise those of us who are not ready.

The purpose of this document is to make ready those who would hear, and ignore the squat mafioso types, with their Communist designs on power and turnips. Long live the hurricane!

*Moose are eaten by this fiend. It also likes cheese!!!!!!

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