Gangster Slaves

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Gangster slaves wear distinctive uniforms and adhere to a strict code of chivalry, reverse cowboy style.

“Ho, ho, ho.”

“Bo, Bo, Bo.”

~ Gangster Craaaaaaig Daaaavid

“Moe, Moe, Moe”

~ Gangster Homer Simpson at Moe's

“Grow, Grow Grow.”

~ Gangster gardener to his plants.

Gangster slaves rap as they work on killin' people for the greater cause of nothing. YO YO YO!

Nothing is sacred, except the mighty Jakoko weed. And that's not some plant I made up just now. It's an actual thing, you know.

Slave rap[edit | edit source]

We work all day for nuffin' but dirt
We sleep all night for nothin' but John Hurt

Oh wait a sec, that doesn't sound right. Ah, it'll do.


~ Simon Cowell

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