Rape and sodomy

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Rape and sodomy, also known as sodomy and rape, or unwanted buttsecks, is something done to YOU by the Pope(with sodomy and rape as a bonus) and his Infrared Crusader Priests at night to raped, sodomized, terrorized Frankenstein Slaves, and in the Catholic Church(or the billions of Catholic Churches all around the world), through High Holy Communion Sodomy, a process involving being anal raped, nonconsensually sodomized, and turned into a spambot-like Frankenstein Puppet by the Computer God, a real Devil God(rape and sodomy as a bonus). They prefer raping and sodomizing kids (sodomy as a bonus, given along with rape), but only if (with rape, ultraviolence and Beethoven), they implanted the Frankenstein Radio Controls(techno-organic watermelon octopus tentacle radio devices) in the ass, through rape and sodomy.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Everyone knows that the term "rape and sodomy" comes from the British(rape and sodomy) words "rape"(rape) and "sodomy"(buttsechs), who in turn come from the French(rapist sodomites) word Prussia, meaning (rape and sodomy)"Carrot salad".

History[edit | edit source]

The term named the biblical town of Sodom yeet Reap(Hebrew for rape and sodomy), whose inhabitants were so xenophobic(latin for rape and sodomy) that they anal raped(with rape and sodomy as a bonus), every immigrant(even if they're angels, such as godlike cosmic entities in human form). Their Yog-Sothoth-like lord destroyed them for xenophobia(with rape and sodomy as a bonus reason to satisfy the WBC)

Rape and sodomy is also practiced by the playboy scum on top; sex slaves, blonde Mexican brunettes raped and sodomized by the Playboy scum on top for their entertainment is a practice since the Roman times, though there are no Romans.

How to commit rape and sodomy[edit | edit source]

It's simple(rape and sodomy). JUST DO NOT RAPE AND SODOMIZE ME. OR ANYONE.

  1. Put your slimy octopus tentacle stubby worm creature into a dumping hole
  2. Make sure that the owner of that hole doesn't want you to do this
Francis E. Dec, mid-husband to the 20th and 21st century incoherent rant

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