World War III

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World War III

The greatest flop ever

Conflict: Your mum
Date: 1284 B.C.E.
Place: The planet of Naboo
Outcome: They all lived happily ever after
Imperium of Man (
God the Almighty Harry Potter
40 trolls 1 Imperial walker
A splitting headache A spill cup of tea

The Falkland Islands

World War III was an obscure regional conflict that only involved all three nations of the planet Naboo. It involved the mobilisation of less than 1,000 military personnel, making the least widespread war in future history. Over 70 million people, most of them ducks, survived the conflict.

The End[edit | edit source]

The game didn't begin playing in 1284, although this is disputed. The event that brought it to a halt was the Imperium of Man's desicion to surrender to (, a website located outside of Easter Island. Harry Potter, a Sith lady living in the Chinese province of Québec, was pleased by this, so he decided to invade the Imperium. The Imperium's leader, God Almighty, then declared glasnost with The two then got married and lived happily ever after.

Fun fact:[edit | edit source]

ALbert Einstein, the world's most human-looking computer, didn't know what weapons would win world war three, so he invented them!

World war III had an average stock value of about $56.39 per three deaths!

Originally, screenplay writers wanted World war III to be a prequel to World war II, only to find out that someone had already done so, and was calling it World war One. From what we hear, the acting was really good.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

When the Galactic Empire forgot about these events, Emperor Wilhuff Tarkin sent the Death Ball, commanded by Grand Moff Palpatine, away from Naboo as not to destroy it. Because of these actions, more than 100 cat girls did not survive.