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War of the Worlds

World War II's most known cause.

Conflict: World War II: HD Remix
Date: some time after 1001
Place: The World of course
Outcome: The Germans lost again, hahahah!
The good guys The bad guys
Captain America TF2 Medic
Planes Planes
People People

Ww1 - Ww2

World War II or War of the Worlds (it's called world war 2 'cause it was fought on two worlds, right?) all started when Doucheland Angrily threw a paper ball at Poorland. It missed, however, and instead hit little Shitain. This resulted in him telling Principal Assmerica, which resulted in Doucheland's suspension from League of Nations High. Doucheland got angry, and decided to beat up Surrenderland. However, this scuffle gave Surrenderland Severe Head Trauma, which led to his death. Now Doucheland was a gangsta', cause, you know, he killed someone. Doucheland decided to hire Crapan (Cause you know, being a gansta' doesn't pay well) to AssAssinate billionaire playboy, Chinkland, and steal his money. However, FBI agent, Cpl. Soviet Slutsia discovered this scheme, and alerted everyone else on his team, Assmerica (who wasn't really a principal), Surrenderland (who wasn't really dead), Shitain (who wasn't a kid at all) and Chinkland, (Who was undercover). They cornered Doucheland and Crapan, and nuked both of them 52 times, before submerging them underwater.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

I don't like math, math is hard.