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For those who like Satire, the benefactors at Uncyclopedia have an article about Coleco Adam.

The Coleco Adam was a evil monkey mind control device, created by the evil twins:

The fat, short one: Ben "Captain Big Ears" Dixon

The skinny, tall one: Tyson Charles Burjan

It was created in 2986 for the sole purpose of monkeying around in the mind of monkeys, getting them to start World War 86. These monkeys had connections to the evil kittens and koalas league, (KKL) led by the stuffed corpse of John Howard.

This device was destroyed by a small pack of angry asians (999,999,999,999,9999 of them in total) who were spawned by a Soylent Green factory on what used to be Uranus with the sound of this sentence ringing in their ears, "Remember, soy sauce is cheaper by the megatonne.".

The evil twins fled in their Home Brand time machine to 2005, when Captain Big Ears started a nanny business, and Tyson went back to high school to bide his time.

The monkeys were served on rice and sliced rat to the Asian heros.


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