My life as a monkey, olive, pet and a peanut.

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The rain hammered onto the roof. I woke the cat and fed myself breakfast, eggs, toast and bacon. After that I saw the devil and god who toasted some bread which was good. They were hungry so I brought a banana, which they kicked away.

So I said, "GET THAT LITTLE DOG OF MINE AND I'LL PROTECT THAT CAT FROM MY MUM AND MAKE HER EAT YOU!". They went home, I swore, I kicked a random ass of a monster, but who would do such a horrible deed, not you. Now, I should hunt some buffalo babies for my midnight snack. I got a spear from my space hero in Mexico. Why does that guy wear just a skirt, I think he's a space weirdo or a space maniac. Who would do such things like me. The pencil I use has a huge heart on its sides. But that is not important right now, lets runaway to Mexico. In Australia it is really not cold, or freezing. So I jump around in the pool (not you). I use my toothbrush to clean my dog so I don't use it to brush the cat. You could do it on the weekend or Sunday. My friend Mrs. Smith who lives right in my dog. He is quite a little fellow, so getting out of my ear is a little fuss. My story is turning into a random mess, but now I will tell you another side to my random life. Here is the end, I sat in a old bus with him, my evil horrible x. He bent towards the seat next to mine. I punched the ass-hole in the bottom.

Then, he said, "Hello, do I smell a fairy."

I shook my finger and told him that he was up over his head.

He said, "No, you are!" Then, we decided to go to the outback of Australia. Then, music didn't start playing, but there was wolves in the plane. The pilot started to scream like a girl, so she went overboard and died a horrible life with out her wife. Then, she died again. I hope she was a bit happy but I'm doubting that. Anyhow, the story is out of the story. That plane was falling down into the sea and we were all rescued, but only I survived, but there was not really a rescue guy so I died but did survive. The title-wave killed many innocent people, that died before the plane crash, which was a very funny thing to watch from a dolphin. I am going to Ireland after I die, so here is what I did before I died. Well, I was a monkey, olive, pet and a peanut. What a joke (not). The start is much like the end, but different, because I was alive.


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