Jib Jab

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Not to be confused with the fuzzy enigmatic dorks JubJub.

Jib Jab was a monkey who lived in my neighbor's house. Don't ask me how I knew that. It was just a guess because it was jumping around with a tail and making monkey noises. Weird.

Jib Jab was made when his parents got it on during the spring time (horny time of the year for animals). The his mama got fat and spewed him out one day and let him suck on her boobies! He is so lucky. Then he grew up and got a small hat and I was jealous.

Then I shot him with a BB gun in his stomach and he died. I took his hat and his owners filed a lawsuit against their law because I left a rock at the scene, making them conclude that the lawn did it. Boy, did I get out of that one, mama.


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