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Pork butt?

Monkey Deafness is a hereditary condition passed on by both mothers of babies born during times of low sunspot activity.

It confers upon it's sufferers the inability to hear monkeys, putting them at great risk during outings to wildlife parks, tropical Caribbean islands and other locations where monkeys congregate. When river flows, monodeamonic acolytes will line up on the banks, sometimes for miles, and injure themselves avoiding injuring one another. During hockey season, fights will break out in the north country, but it's otherwise a sanguine mootness, beyond which there is no hide nor heir.

Mournful trebuchet transport alternatives[edit]

In this age of K Ciders and 40 proof energy drinks, Heffenreffer Private Stock stands out as the most often skunked beer of the 80s. New Wave music was on the decline, and into this serene maelstrom was born a Lindstrom, recalled from the deeps of Coloradan memories. Speedily redemised, the cat once again skipped over the Meme of the Box, preferring to sun herself on the windowsill with her mother, Boudica. This, in turn, triggered the memory of Mike's German Shepard, thoroughly astounded at the 7 pound new mother cat which stood before him. Yes, before Jack stood something that sounded like an enraged catamount.


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