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“Whew, that was a lot of work!”

~ Lumberjack on cutting down all the trees on Endor
It just wishes it had a chance in the spotlight...

Endor is essentially a giant ball of trees. It's like the Canadian forests covering the whole damn moon. The Endor seen in the popular Star Snores series is often considered a planet by many stupid Star Wars watchers, but in fact it is really Neptune a moon. Any true Star Snores fan would know such a thing. Endor is a forest moon orbiting the Gassy Giant planet of Endor. Endor is called Endor instead of something else because it is a much more popular floating ball in space with oxygenic atmsopheric qualities than it's mother planet.

Life as a Forest Moon[edit]

Being a forest moon is not a lot of fun, all you could do is wish you too were a planet, but no, you sit in jealousy of the planet you're orbitting. Endor has a boring history, just like most other moons. The only moon to ever have some sort of fun was Yavin 4, who had temples of powerful lords like Charlie Brown and Me on their planet. Endor, however, got none of that. It sat there, admiring the beauty of all of the planets around it, sitting in jealousy as I do watching Adam Sandler movies wishing I was as hot as him.

Endor was waiting for an oppurtunity at glory, for some sort of action on the planet surface. He still had Ewoks, though, and those cheered him up in time of despair. But just think of those things as telletubies except a whole fucking army of them instead of 4. Yes, this is starting to sound more like a story, but who gives?

Too bad it never got one, all those stupid bears just went about their business.

Endor is also the universe's largest supplier of syrup, given that it is covered in syrup factories. It makes so much syrup that not even all of the syrup could fit in my lunchbox, which is big enough to hold Oprah. However, most of this syrup is bought by other moons, just so Endor could feel like it has an actual purpose. These other moons, or "business associates", as Endor calls them, don't even want the syrup, neither does anybody else. They're just buying it to keep Endor from killing itself.


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