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The planet where Blahs live on

The Blah Planet is a HUGE planet populated by Blahs. (To see just how big the planet is, google Parsec then multiply it by 1,000,000)

It's land is the brightest shade of the color blah, and it has 41.8934283924329994309994923943299329992193992193929919239934564352730 moons, all populated by Blahs. It has no resources vital for survival, however the Blahs managed to do it. Why? Because they f**king cheated. That's why.


Main article: Blahs

The planet is populated by Blahs. They own great technology, like the dimensional rip gun. They are also very easy to use if you need to get something with force (Don't use them for democracy, for they are too smart for our problems). Just copypaste one 'Blah ' (Do forget the spacebar!) like 40 times, then copypaste all 40 of them for extra speed like for 20 seconds, then copypaste all the Blahs for 20 more seconds.

Congratulations! You now have a virtually infinite line of Blahs to use wherever you want!

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