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How to be H Y P E R A C T I V E? the Hyperactive not anymoren00b will tell you: How to be HYPERACTIVE in Illogicopedia.

This will guarantee you that you will Never get banned. instead, you will be a good contributor. and others will think you just the same.

Step 1. Register[edit | edit source]

First, you gotta make a username. cuz, well, IP is not a user.

Tipz[edit | edit source]

  • Short ID = win.
  • You cannot move on to another account, think carefully.
  • Don't vandalize. EVER.
  • Read IP:C Carefully, and plz do that.

Step 2. Start with basic things[edit | edit source]

If you are a newbie, you should not do stuffs like Editing a system templates or some kind of Main Pages, start with little, basic things. such as:

  • Redirecting stuff
  • fixing vocabulary error
  • Writing new articles (Don't forget to slap {{stub}} when the article is short!)
  • Categorizing things

Tipz[edit | edit source]

  • Read IP:! for greater articles.

Step 3. you are recognized![edit | edit source]

After making few edits, you will be recognized by some pplz.

Especially from The Welcoming Committee.

you are free to reply. that will help you getting closer to pplz.

Tipz[edit | edit source]

  • Don't use swear words when replying.
  • Be good to them, they will be good to you.

Step 4. After recognizing[edit | edit source]

After you got recognized, you can move on to something more bold. such as...

  • Making new articles (still, {{stub}}. ok?)
  • Adding something to articles
  • Managing templates
  • Categorizing things
  • Redirecting stuff
  • fixing vocabulary error

and you can go to forum and babble!

this will halp you gain reputation!

here, these are some recommends.

you can go see/play/sign up and hang out with pplz!

Step 5. MASS EDIT![edit | edit source]

now, you are Not Bad Contributor. this is good.

you can stop if you want. but, if you want more, you gotta make a lot of edit.

in fact, this is my 5000th edit. and I was only here for 25 days.

so, you can...

(Quality : How high- quality that edit is, Speed : How fast you can make that edits)

  • Making new articles (Q:High, S:Slow)
  • Improving Articles (Q:High, S:Slow)
  • Managing templates (Q:Mid, S:Mid)
  • Categorizing things (Q:Low, S:Fast)
  • Redirecting stuff (Q:Low, S:Slow)
  • fixing vocabulary error (Q:Mid, S:Slow)
  • Uploading Files (Q:Mid, S:Mid) (Don't forget copyright!)

If you spend enough time here, you can get 1000 edits a week.

Step 6. Quick way to earn Edit Count[edit | edit source]

If you are desperate for edit count, you can use these.

Main article: Series:I'm just trying to boost my edit count

Tipz[edit | edit source]

Remember, if you are using these, Don't use it a lot. little boost in little period of time is ok, but if you do it a lot, pplz will think your edit count is Cheated and never think you earned edits on ur own.

like, 100 at a day? that looks fine.

but, 800 at a day? no.

Step 7. Use ur ability![edit | edit source]

You know, the best way to earn High-Quality edits are Making article that you are interested in.

Tipz[edit | edit source]

See this article for more Illogi-stuffs.

  • If you are good at writing novels, write an IllogiBook.
  • If you are good at making templates, make and fix! that's how I earned my edits.
  • If you are like games, make that!
  • If you like Justin bieber, eh... I dunno.
  • If you like Radiohead, there is already a radiohead fanatic in here.

Step 8. AWARD! AWARD! AWARD![edit | edit source]

you can Earn awards in ?pedia!

you should....

  • VFF : Write a good Illogic article.
  • EPIC : Write a LOOOOOOOONG article. no spam.
  • IotM : Rack up edits j000000I dunno, I got to candidate of IotM cuz that.
  • PICKLE : Write R A N D O M article!
  • Paperclip : Write an articles in IP:V!
  • RAD : Improve articles!

Tipz[edit | edit source]

well, you do you. if you cleared all steps until this, you are doing good. keep up!

Step 9. Final![edit | edit source]

you are done, you earned IotM, you featured some articles... you are better than me.

but, even though you earned IotM.

even though you are adminz now,
even though everyone loves you.

Be humble. pplz mind can change in second.

Keep making articles and such. for Illogicopedia!

Be racial. gr8 powah, coms w/ gr8 responsblt.

KTHXBAI. u will be gr8 contribuutor. haha!

IllogiBook created by: lol