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Not to be confused with America.

The United Soviet States of Amerika is soverign socialist nation started by Mohammadean Barack HUSSEIN Obama with his use of death panels, economic takeovers, and other such measures.

The United Soviet States of Amerika
Everyone is equal!

Communist america.jpg USSA Coat.jpg
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: Redistribute the wealth
Anthem: "Friday" by Rebecca Black
Capital Corruption, D.C.
Largest city Draovatican
Official languages Spanish, Politically correct English, French, Russian
Government Dicktatorship
Prime Minister Lord Barry Saddam Hussein Obama bin Laden
National Hero(es) Karl Marx, Josef Stalin, Obama, Satan
Currency Mark of the beast
Religion Strong atheism, drinking and driving
Population Us
Area North Amerika
Population density Fat
Ethnic groups Aryan
Major exports Scary people, blood, hammers and sickles, redistributed wealth
Major imports Blood
National animal Hairy Eagle
Favourite pastime Beating up capitalists
Opening hours When Russia does
Internet tld .soviet
Calling code 666

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