Cheese-burger Eddie theory

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Cheese-burger Eddie theory is the belief that a female's eating patterns may affect her offspring genetic composition.

In simpler terms, woman eats Japanese food in turn having a Japanese baby.

Testing is currently in progress, with thousands of chosen females being force fed egg-rolls at this moment. You may think this theory is ridiculous, but its all fun and games until one pops out.

Baby recipes[edit]

  1. Italian - pizza
  2. African American - watermelon/chicken
  3. Japanese - sushi
  4. Chinese - rice
  5. Australia - kangaroo
  6. Mexican - enchiladas
  7. Eskimo - ice
  8. Indian - buffalo
  9. Irish - potatoes
  10. Russian - boshit
  11. Hawaiian - pineapples
  12. Iraqi - dead dog
  13. Egyptian - crocodiles

List may vary and/or be added to.