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Welcome to the home of the Wallace Intrubé research project.

This area is dedicated to the research of the international criminal Wallace Intrubé and other topics closely associated with his life. Research is vital to finally stopping him in his tracks, and saving the world from his evil. These documents have been meticulously compiled to present the most complete account of his character yet, and it is an ongoing process. Currently there are multiple areas of research, dealing with different aspects of Wallace's life and contacts. The high-sensitive nature of the material may mean you will pefer to leave this site immediately. It would indeed be safer for you to do so.

Main Topics Under Research

Wallace Intrubé

The Intrubé Dynasty



The Snickets


The Hartley Family



Wizard Oreon

Dr Frankland

Dr Barnes

Professor Hartley

Madam Coyne

Karen Armstron

Pom Tickup

Mr Lamb

The sheer breath and variety of material that is yet to be gathered makes it almost impossible for such a small group of historians to research it all, however talented or good looking. Therefore, once the main areas of study have been outlined, it will be necessary for others to continue the work and fill out the vast history of all the subjects under consideration.

Knowledge of the key documents is essential.

There is also an ongoing documentary project dedicated to the history and life of Wallace Intrubé, the first part of which is to be released on March 15th. A preliminary video can be found here . The full video will be availible on Youtube and also through this page.

Remember: Your membership in this project is dangerous. Wallace is extremely powerful and has friends in high power. It is best you undertake this research carefully and without suspicion. He always knows.

Our blog: [1]

Here is a link to the finished documentary, entitled 'Who is Wallace Intrubé? - The Intrubé Dynasty'. Watch and be enlightened.

Recent Additions[edit | edit source]

  Featured ArticleThis week's featured article:   United States of Whalley

Whalley Bridge

The United States of Whalley (also refered to as Whalley, the US, the USW, a Shithole, the Underage Drinking Capital of the Northwest and That Place where there used to be a Mental Hospital) is a federal constitutional republic comprising twelve states and one territory. The country is situated in the Ribble Valley, bordering Mordor Sabden and the Dingle Federation to the South East, the United Duchy of Blackburn to the south west, and Clitheroe and its tributaries to the north. Dominating the country is the Calder River, and the menacing visage of Pendle Hill.

Jose had attrious handwriting, and when reporting his discovery to the Duke of Blackburn wrote his name as 'Whule', which during the accent of the day was pronouced 'Whulaye' which over the centuries has morphed into the state's present name.

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Upcoming Events[edit | edit source]

None. There is nothing left. Except more documentaries! Follow progress here

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