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Eli is a guy who hates ISO. ISO is his worst opponent. Eli is also very very fat, which is the reason for his nickname, coming from the word elephant. He also has a great ability to make stupid nicknames.

Early life and meeting ISO[edit | edit source]

Eli grew up in Bikini Bottom, but he was quickly kicked out to Serbia because he was too bad for Bikini Bottom. In Serbia, he met ISO, because ISO was trying to kill Nikola Tesla, not knowing that he was actually a Croatian dead for a long time. So, after Eli made fun of ISO for not knowing that Tesla has died, calling him "Nope Chuck Tesla" and laughing so hard that his quadruple chin was shaking, ISO hit Eli with a hammer, which resulted in Eli calling him a retard. Then he was reported to the principal for ableism, and he was punished with a 7-year detention at the local mental hospital.

Adulthood[edit | edit source]

Eli turned 18 in the mental hospital, and he left 4 days after. He went to run for president, and just when he was giving very important speech, ISO smashed his head and then started screaming "ISO ISO ISO!!!" into the microphone. ISO received overwhelming support, but unfortunately he had lost against Barack Obama. South Park was very disappointed.

List of Eli's stupid nicknames[edit | edit source]

Creation of the circle[edit | edit source]

Eli created the circle by eating so much that his stomach turned into a perfectly round circle. ISO later chopped off his stomach and he sent it to Mickey Mouse to determine the shape. He called it "Minnie", after his girlfriend Minnie Mouse, because, according to Mickey, "her ass was fucking round". This name was rejected by the scientific community and a known scientist, Daula Peen, has proposed the name "serkal". After some alterations to the name, it has become the "circle", as we know it today.

“It's like ring fingers!”

~ Y'alla Deen on circles

The Antimatter Incident[edit | edit source]

Eli was boring, as he always is, trash talking about ISO and Clash Royale. After he insulted spear goblins, ISO entered through a window with his iconic hammer and smashed Eli with it. ISO smashed Eli for a long time, and Eli's head has now been buried deep down his chest. It was looking like a volcano, just that it was red and had tons upon tons of fat. But ISO didn't stop there, he smashed him until he broke the boundaries of the human body, and his spine has become antimatter. Because Eli was fat, his entire body turned into an anti-body, and his spine turned into an anti-spine. ISO left screaming "ISO ISO ISO!!!" and jumping from one leg to another, leaving Eli screeching from pain while his friends laughed at him.