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See here for more political parties. Or something. I don't care.

The Pizza Party
Leader Dilly Mackey
Founded 2018
Headquarters Italy
Political Ideology Pizza, Isms, Truth, etc.
Website [1]
Official deputy Coconut Gun #98
Parliamentary colours Red


~ Some italian.

“Yay power rush!”

“Dilly Mackey, coupled with Rex Tillerson, brought the Ism Party down to its knees: they have no money, this isn't funny, but isms and truth are all we need. 'Cause if we're threatened, and maybe we're heading, for total destruction of this politics: you know it's true, if you don't you should, that I don't vote for ILLOGISOC apologists.”

“Joined, because the color is red, the color of Usopedia, and I do love pizza :D”

The Pizza Party is the only political party in the world that's all about Pizza. It's affilated with the The Opposition of Off Tropic and it doesn't allow ILLOGISOC apologists there.

Manifesto[edit | edit source]

  1. No ILLOGISOC apologists allowed.
  2. ILLOGISOC is wrong.
  3. Everyday is Pizza Day.
  4. We are a single-issue party. Spitting major parties is encouraged.
  5. We have nothing to lose but the current market price of pizza plus tax and gratuity.
  6. We also love the Ism Party.
  7. Our current goal is to get elected to the Senate, because Senates are Italian and pizza was popularized by Italy as well.

Current members[edit | edit source]

Anthem[edit | edit source]

Unofficial anthem[edit | edit source]

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