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“Quo quo quo...”

You may be looking for the user also known to be more awesome than Testostereich. Here he is.\

A Hisfory[edit | edit source]

I have joined to this meek mink-like site at some time or other. I am an editor with over 1100 edits. My first ever article, Axis Powers Hetalia, was a disgrace, consisting of little more than four words (I was eating chicken pancakes at the time). In Jeremy I tried again, with no result. At first, Malaysia wasn't very good, and it wasn't very long either. But it was a mink. Now I've got created 40+ articles since this date.

It sings![edit | edit source]


Boids 'n' toitles singing' them songs.

"We're going on a trip, in our favorite rocket ship-" "SING THAT THEME SONG *one* MOAR TYME AND I SWEAR..."

They say crows and ravens are songbirds...

EASY, BONZAI![edit | edit source]

THER IS NO REFER*ence* TO THE DRUMMER WHATSOEVER - (Shawn) Oh, he was called "Bonzo." Bonham... PAGE... Jones... PLANT...


So, Mr. Bonzai... or should I say, KIRA... would you write the name of the Reverend Zim_ulator or the Gozimnot in that little black notebook of yours?

(*barfs what you ate this morning for dinner, decorated to the Berlin Wall or what's left of it, followed by a bear mauling of sorts.*)

Gistria keron impidum.

My belief of Hindleyism[edit | edit source]

It's not what it is, but what we think it to be. Horr, plagiarism! Git lorst!

My weird achievements[edit | edit source]

My personal counterpart in other worlds than this, known as Vim soap.

Vim SOAP?! Are you mad? No. I say. I am merely un weasel. Un weasel. Not one, for the French improves everything! Now why not go and speak Catalan for a while.

Soap, soap, soap. That's all I ever hear. How about some nice Dialga for a change? No. Not Dialga. He will reverse time, leading me to disappear from this world. Hmm... Things always make me go hmm...

Ah... Hindleyites are the coolest.

The Alto Clef[edit | edit source]


Oh yeah[edit | edit source]

“Now he is admin”