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“ Bang! And the Spaz is gone! ”

~ Barry Scott on his hatred of MySpaz and love of Cillit Bang

“ Lonely... I'm so lonely... I have nobody... As my fireeends! ”

~ Kim Jong Il on the fact he only has 2 MySpaz friends

MySpaz is a social networking site created by a young Grue.

Founding[edit | edit source]

MySpace was planned in 1776 in order to rally the American population with one secret code that the British would never know, but due to budget cuts and Russian Pogroms, the effort was abandoned in 1775. Only 100 years later, when the first computer was invented, did MyPlace become a viable option. But once again, Immigration Laws and Plagues of Locusts hindered the possibilities of a MyFace. Finally, Mark Zuckerberg capitalized the idea after the Cold War ended, finally allowing for a free, social networking platform. After 200 years of waiting though, aliens had infiltrated MyCase and made sure it would never become popular. MyRace is considered a failed experiment today.

Social networking sites

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