The Parrot Bay

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The Parrot Bay
Parrotbay thumb.jpg
The World's largest SquawkTorrent cracker
Type of site Parrot sharing / SquawkCracker site
Registration Free
Launched 2009
Current status Online

The Parrot Bay is the world's least popular information sharing network for parrot owners and enthusiasts.

Formed by the founders of file-sharing website The Pirate Bay, the site incorporates and inherits many pirate-themed elements from its spiritual predecessor, such as the 'Pieces of Eight' fans forum. The creators are keen to stress The Parrot Bay is 100% legal and as such is far less likely to get them in hot water with the Swedish legal system.

Though The Parrot Bay currently consists only of information regarding parrot species and feeding habits, it is hoped that eventually it will expand to the point where people will be able to share live parrots via a new and exciting protocol technology known as ParrotTorrentTech. Early results show that the parrot is unscathed by the experience and actually will go on to live a fuller life as a result of the mites and mange infections that are removed during the transfer protocol's error checking process.

Animal rights campaigners, however, fundamentally disagree with the site's ethics, claiming "they have no respect for anything" and asking "why on Earth do we trust these people? Sharing parrots via computers?! Whoever thought of that is completely insane and has no regard for animal welfare."

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