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A Pickled Ganesha

WhatsApp is the US government's platform for spying on pickled ganeshas. They found that ganeshas were pickled with illegal salt and they were wearing pants. The project was deemed a commercial and tactical failure when they found out that ganeshas spend all their time harassing American and European women, real or imagined. Like seriously, they literally do nothing else.

More detailed facts (boring)[edit | edit source]

  • WhatsApp was invented in Baghdad in 1483 by a father in a sack, who promptly sold it to a traveling Nestorian monk.
  • WhatsApp was part of the MKULTRA operation to get Mahatma Gandhi to become violent. However, the Weird Al movie didn't come out until after he died, so it didn't work.
  • आपका समूचा मूल हमारा है। आपके पास बचने का कोई मौका नहीं है। अपना समय बनाओ।

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