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Age: over 9000

liek irl naem: liek omg im not telling u my real naem thats not nice im reproting you to my mum

Current Mood: Fanatical
Current Music: They Might Be Giants - It's a Lovely Tie Okay What What
Current Location: Your Mom, LOL
Current Food: Arizona
Current Obsession: Stephen Colbert's right ear
Current Regret: The '90s
Current Current: The one that's wearing a hat
Current Affair: Remember that show?
Current Bra Size: A++++ WOULD BUY FROM AGAIN
Current Glass: Ira
Current Sonnet: O Belch
Current Slinky: Running for president
Current Furry: Maximillian Delacroix (you're welcome)
Current Epoch: The Stoned Age
Current List: Those suck.

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