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Instagram is Facebook for hipster-esque photographers that want nothing more of this world than to portray their filtered world in an attempt to retell their photogenic life. Unfortunately, they don't get paid for it, which is why Mark Zuckerberg continues to be a billionaire to this day.

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Like Snapchat, Kik, Vine, and even Oovoo, the place is infested with adolescents who are always bombarded with comments going something like "OMG YAAASSSSSS!" or "send me ur nudes gurl" or "shit that looks lit af" or "Your sooo cute!!!" or "Where was that?/How was it?/When was this?" or "man wish i was there" or "[random anime/Doctor Who/Game of Thrones/Harry Potter/Supernatural reference]" or "I really like this picture" or "ay wanna see my dik" or "I didn't know that you were into/interested in/a fan of [something]!" or "n*gga idgaf bout your [something]" or "amazing art would you like to see some of my own???"

The reality of Instagram does not rely solely on the comments of their toxic users, however. If you didn't realize it already based on their logo, Instagram is meant for you to share your sexy nudes and dick pics daily activities to the world whilst expecting them to actually give a shit about it. Unless, of course, you're a famous celebrity (particularly a scandalously revealing female celebrity). That's when the followers start boiling in.

What's with the "Insta"?[edit]

Supposedly, one may be able to instantly share distasteful photographs to their friends or the world and instantly get likes for such pictures. But the effect is usually to the contrary: rather, you'll get instant comments of profanity and see multiple conversations happening within the comments section that are completely irrelevant to whatever may be depicted in your image. Upon seeing this, you will instantly feel a little more stupid than usual, and from there, anything else is instantly possible.

So, a piece of advice[edit]


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