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This is an archive of Illogicopedia's Wikipedia article, archived here. But with the Colonel's updates.
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Commercial No
Type by Surreal wiki
Registration by Optional
Owner Independent server
Author Silent Penguin, Nerd42, Hindleyite, and Colonel Sanders
Launch date January 1, 2007
Status Active

Illogicopedia is an English language wiki dedicated to nonsense, surrealism and surreal humour. The idea was conceived in late 2006 and on January 1, 2007 was put into practice. Illogicopedia started at and then moved to Wikia. Illogicopedia moved from Wikia to an independent server in 2009 after Wikia had forced all wikis to adopt a new skin and other measures that were taken by the Wikia community. Illogicopedia has been growing in article count since the move, though community activity can be an issue, reaching 7000 articles in late 2010. It has recently expanded into the Dutch language and the French language.


Illogicopedia was founded in January 1, 2006 by three pseudonymous people: Silent Penguin, Nerd42 and Hindleyite; all of whom were previously active Uncyclopedia users[1][2][3], and one of which is still currently an Uncyclopedia admin[4]. The site was created as the founders felt that Uncyclopedia was too strict on deletion of articles, and that many of the articles deleted on Uncyclopedia were interesting or of redeeming value. They dedicated the site to random humour, but the main objective was to provide content that was "interesting to look at, or even read"[5].

Illogicopedia moved from their host to Wikia in April 2007. Whilst there, it achieved around 500 active users who between them created around 4,000 articles. Following disagreements with Wikia, Illogicopedia departed for an independent server in November 2008. Community involvement has been decreasing since moving to an independent server, although a core community remains and administrator involvement at times can be scarce. Although the community has been shrinking, the Illogicopedia reached the 7000 article mark in late 2010.


Illogicopedia's content is licensed under the Creative Commons Sharealike license[6]. Most articles on the site are entirely original, but some articles are originally deleted articles taken from Uncyclopedia which a user felt was appropriate for the site.

Illogicopedia has a more lax content policy than most on its content. Where Uncyclopedia has comparatively strict rules with regards to humour and satire, Illogicopedia has far fewer rules beyond basic rules such as those prohibiting spam and cyberbullying. As a result, very few articles are deleted from the site[7], and very few users are banned[8]. Much of the rules are often joked about, such as the banning of users. Banning is referred to as "chinese burning", and reasons for banning are often changed to humourous reasons such as "because I don't like you" and "being a pointless pain in the backside". There are six major political parties on Illogipedia in which anyone can join.

Illogicopedia also has many subprojects that are directly analogous to Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia:

Illogicopedia project Uncyclopedia project Wikipedia project
IllogiBooks UnBooks Wikibooks
IllogiNews UnNews Wikinews
IllogiDictionary Undictionary Wiktionary
IllogiQuotes Unquotable Wikiquote
IllogiMusic UnTunes iTunes
No equivalent project, but many articles begin with "HowTo:" HowTo wikiHow

It also has various user subprojects, such as a parody of RuneScape, called IllogiScape.

Illogicopedia also groups its longest articles in a group known as "EPICS" [9]. EPICs don't necessarily have to be funny or interesting, just long.


Illogicopedia is frequently cited when the issue of spoof information on online encyclopedias is mentioned[10][11][12][13][14], alongside other sites such as Uncyclopedia, Stupidedia, Falsipedia and Kamelopedia. The main criticism of Illogicopedia, however, is that the site is presented as juvenile and makeshift. As a contrast to Uncyclopedia, many of the articles on Illogicopedia are very short, giving the appearance of minimal effort, alongside the frequent use of images and ideas created roughly on Microsoft Paint[15]. Many users chose to counterpoint this argument by creating long, narrative prose articles[16], much of which was featured on the front page. The community of the site is often fully aware of the presentation of the site[17][18] and regularly debate methods of improvement.

Encyclopedia Dramatica also has an article on Illogicopedia, stating:

Illogicopedia is another poor ED ripoff/humor wiki attempt, which consists of utterly unfunny nonsense which no one understand[sic] can understand.

Illogicopedia in other languages[edit]

Illogicopedia is also available in Dutch, where it is called "Irratiopedia", and French, which is called "Logimalpédie". A system is available on the main English site where users can request for Illogicopedia to have equivalents in other languages[19].

Illogicopedia and Wikia[edit]

While the rest of this article makes sense, this part is insane.

Illogicopedia was hosted by Wikia from late 2007 to late 2008. Their administrators are complete morons who wanted the evil of New Monaco to be seen all across teh internets. Jimbo Wales is known for sleeping with New Monaco. Anyway, the Illogicopedian community hated it and the constant capitalistic ads. So, they moved away to an independent server. Upon leaving, Wikia didn't delete Old Illogicopedia. The Illogicopedians and Wikians, most notably KyleHell[20] of Wikia fame, yelled at each other over the Wikia site. The compromise is this: Wikia keeps Old Illogicopedia, but it becomes Wackypedia and would remain locked until someone decided to take it over. After a while, some guy took over Wackypedia for a day and 10 edits later, left. Wikia calls it "adopted", and remains open to this day, until the Rapture, so teenagers and unemployed people can vandalize it. All Wikia is to modern Illogicopedia is an evil homage to capitalistic greed and bad hosting.[21]


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