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“I love wikiHow! Join us... join us... Be a wikiHowian...”

~ A wikiHowian on wikiHow

WikiHow is an unserious, unuseful how to-manual that has absolutely no use at all, full of incredibly strange, boring people, who edit wikiHow all day long because they have no real lives. They are not as rule-obsessed as Wikipedia, they have only one rule and that is it goof off.. If you want to goof off... well, you can do it there, but it will be featured. They delete logical articles. Pretty similar to Illogicopedia huh. It was bad for their image when they deleted whatever they wanted, so they created a deletion policy to give them a reason. Chances are, if you write something, they will make an amendment to the deletion policy just for you. COOL! You are restricted!

WikiHow's True Mission[edit]

WikiHow's ultimate goal is to become the stupidest wiki in the world, and to take over all the smaller wiki sites. Beware, members of wikis around the world... wikiHow is out to convert you all into mindless wikiHow users (often called "wikiHowians", by the already-enslaved). Hop in/on your preferred method of transportation (whether it be car, plane, alien spaceship, kangaroo, giant tortoise, pink flying llama, jub bubble, or a jakdjakljaslnocerous, or the family chihuahua) and flee the Earth immediately if they make it even a tiny bit logical! Which will happen in the next nanosecond. random Buick of t-shirts and cakes spawned by virii Ryanising corsets

  • You will be banned from the earth permanently right now forever.

If you ever join WikiHow...[edit]

You will become one of them... a wikiHowian! Once you are sucked into their wiki, there is no turning back. You are doomed to sit at your computer all day (except for the occasional coffee break, to keep you awake), tagging and copyediting articles until you die in that very computer chair. And sooner or later, you will become an admin. When you are an admin, there's no time for snacking. An admin is a person who loves snacking but will snack anything. An admin has the power to take over and destroy wikihow and give all the power to Adam West. random tuxedo of computers and mammary glands spawned by mugs fluttering pastries

Well, you were warned. I would tell you to listen to me next time, but there is no next time. It's too late for you. Goodbye, old friend. you are a tool of mass destruction random Honda of boats and DNA sequences spawned by violi preaching tubes

Wikihow IRC[edit]

A place that doesn't allow ilogicness, like, yeah. I don't remember the many times I have been banned... I think it was literally fifty in just a few short stupid monthly months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

if you want to get your butt banned go ahead to the wikihow irc

or if you have a different client /server /join #wikihow

Are you sure you want to get in

I dare you to

but there may be servere consequences.


Its logo is a banana {sheesh copycats} It must be more illogical than this place. That's its only goal. illogicness. the end.

What Wikihow's benefits are[edit]

A satricial thing of Illogicpedia. there are millions and billions and trillions and quadrillions and quintillionth of articles on bananas monkeys daisys and retarded stuff like how to be a retard how to be an idiot how to be stupid and how to marry a pet rock. very useful stuff.