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Since you are the average planet-dweller with normal illocicality and free-spiritness, combined, this list/cart/inventory represents what YOOOOUUUU lacking common sense usually picks up from a typical day at the supermarket...

Image Name Description Category Quantity in Stock Price
hamslice.gif Ham
Well, looks like a ordinary looking slice of ham... Chordate Meats 160¢
bitgreenapple.gif Bitten Green Apple
Ew yuck dude are you serious? IllogiFruit Aisle 310¢
gross_grasspie.gif Fresh Seaweed Pie
Well, it is a bit unusal item, but well its a delicacy if you're a manatee. Full of vitamins and minerals, all wrapped in a puff pastry. Randumb Ocean Delights 286¢
gross_infestedpeach.gif Infested Peach
A delicious peach with extra vitamins and protein. Say hi to the worm. IllogiFruit Aisle 415¢
gross_fishstrawcream.gif Strawberry and Cream Fish Pop
Look how happy it looks... Randumb Ocean Delights 175¢
clo_jubjub_gentlem_mustache.gif Ediable Moustache
Did you find this in the disguise aisle? Gross Food 2$1.02
woodblockingshield.gif Wooden Blocking Shield
To protect yourself agianst chavs and hexicorns while shopping. Defence Magic 1$1.50
gross_mudnmayo.gif Mud n' Mayo Dip
Good for your skin and tasty. Mmmm, mud! Skin DisCare 120¢
bak_usul_swirl4.gif ½ Lemon Swirl Usul Cake
Is there anything complete in this store?? Deserted Desserts 190¢
gift_balloons.gif Four Balloons
Balloons. Horray. Dislogical Gifts 150¢
bluelipstick.gif Blue Lipstick
To have those blue, petite, perky aisha lips all petite earth females crave. - not somewhat tested on animals. Gliese Cosmetics 183¢
slush_spaceslush.gif Space Slushie
LOOK LOOK, PIK ME PIK ME! Deserted Desserts 0$3.20
gross_clamade.gif Clamade
When life gives you clams, well, you make this. Gross Food 240¢
food_waterdog.gif Watery Hot Dog
Well, more believable than Paul Walker going to Mars for a vacation theory. Fa-Fazt Food 140¢
bd_yellowstickyhand.gif Yellow Sticky Hand
If you love a game of chance this weapon is for you. You never know what this sticky hand will bring you, but WATCH OUT your opponent inherits it after you use it! Limited Use. Dislogical Gifts 160¢
food_sodcake.gif Dirt Pie
A great gift for your organic-savvy hippie friend. IllogiFruit Aisle 250¢
gross_duckneck.gif Duck Neck
Crispy roast duck neck. Chordate Meats 160¢
grf_neocola_pumpkin.gif Dented Can of Expired Pumpkin V-8
You COULD have had a V-8... Fnurdle-Brand Beverages 120¢
grf_milk_ketchup.gif Ketchup-Flavoured Milk
Yum. Better tasting than platypus or dicynodont proto-milk. Gross Food 1325¢
gif_heart_tandem.gif Fran Drescher's Childhood Bike

Looks normal... well not unless she blows your head up in her laughter... Groundless Vehicles 175¢
aquaticfood_seaserpent.gif Boiled Sea Serpent

This is ok bait to attract a baby mosasaur or juvie kraken. Randumb Ocean Delights 130¢
mfo_coral_cake.gif Coral Cake

Guaranteed to break teeth faster than the Arctic ice melting! Randumb Ocean Delights 190¢
gio.gif Robo Bear

Like a Teddy Bear, but, uh, robot. Roboids 5$3.78
gif_rock_cave_fg.gif Cave Foreground

To add when your making a cave-themed movie, or a better love story than Twilight. Mystical Surroundings 4
foo_peanutdash_boiled.gif Honey roasted peanuts

A piping hot and creamy mash of roasted peanuts in a bowl. Invented by a grundo slave with alotta time in its amphibian paws. Fa-Fazt Food 248¢
foo_advc2012_bacon_plate.gif Bacon bacon bacon

Now that is a lot of bacon. Fa-Fazt Food 395¢
shf_bowlofrice.gif Egg fried rice

(emerges eating egg sandwich). "NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! NOT EGG SANDWICH!!! WASTER!! PUT IT IN THE RICE!!!!!!" Fa-Fazt Food 170¢
can_black_liquorice_barb.gif Doom Licorice

Just when you thought black licorice couldn get any worse... Look at it, those very coils yell evil.. Deserted Desserts 1$110.95
mall_food_ripebanana.gif Five-day old bannana

This banana looks like it has been sitting around on the counter for a bit too long. Gross Food 1

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