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Since you are the average planet-dweller with normal illocicality and free-spiritness, combined, this list/cart/inventory represents what YOOOOUUUU lacking common sense usually picks up from a typical day at the supermarket...

Image Name Description Category Quantity in Stock Price
ala_sword_3.gif Gold Handled Short Sword

A dangerous weapon to anyone who might challenge the owner. Like a Amphicyon major. Weapondreary 2$35.99
boo_101usesforice.gif 101 Uses for Ice

Have you ever heard about Hot Ice?¿ Strange but true! IllogiBooks 1$91.36
foo_fruitcake_plain_twothirds.gif ⅔ Plain Fruitcake

At least this food item looks more in whole than most of the other imcomplete/reduced food here... Deserted Desserts 834¢
foo_xmaspudding_flaming.gif Flaming Christmas Pudding

Flava flava! Deserted Desserts 250¢
om_sausage_pepperoni2.gif ⅔ Sausage and Pepperoni Omelette

This would have looked delish, but noooo, it's been bitten on! ProtoHistoric Eats 115¢
piratefood_1.gif Double Stuffed Guppy

A large guppy that has another fish inside it... how on earth (or more like, 55 Cancri e) do they do that? Chordate Meats 580¢
spa_booby_moonrock_shiny.gif Tritonian Moon Rock

Wow someone (with alotta time in thier paws/hands/flippers) must have travelled 4,553,946,490 kilometers to Triton, small and freezing moon of Neptune to fetch this little modest rock. Given the current technology and the amount of time it takes to reach there, should this mean this item be priceless? Specious Space Stuff 1$1,000,000.00
mall_ppph_cookingpot.gif Cooking Pot of Goodness

This magical cooking pot appears to be stirring up delectable meals for... yo mamma's foot fungus! Special 1$200.00
toy_fishingrod.gif Basic Fishing Rod

You can mostly fish breadfish and mudkips with this low-level rod. Weapondreary 599¢
ppph_palmtree.gif Palm Tree

This miniature palm tree will provide your habitarium with some much-needed shade. Flawed-Flowering 3$3.65
gro_grarrlrepellent.gif Skorpiovenator Repellant

Scares off most medium sized abelisaurid theropod predators away from your sauropod herds. Also works on Ekrixinatosaurus & Majungasaurus very well. Gliese Cosmetics 2$2.30
nptcg_spaceslime.gif Bag Of Space Slime

Yay! Space Slime! Special 1270¢
nptcg_brokenpencil.gif Broken Pencil

Uh oh someone has snapped this pencil! As in the last shopper who handled this right before you. Unjustifiable Skool Supplies 2
nptcg_mouldystrawberries.gif Mouldy Strawberries

Ewwwww. They have little white beards. IllogiFruit Aisle 23
mus_jug.gif Musical Jug

A common souvenir in West Virginia. AntĬnstrument 286¢
toy_kassactionfigure.gif Dark Eyrie Action Figure

Big male eyries as a group are sightly deadlier than leopards! Unfounded Toys 1$7.00
boo_101waysannoyuni.gif 101 Ways to Annoy a Unicorn

The book title alone is one of the ways. IllogiBooks 3$2.88
sloth_tcg_blaster4.gif Sleep Ray

Unlike tranquilizers, the rays run solely on power! Weapondreary 1$143.55
gar_tombstone.gif Tombstone

A perfect ornament for, idk sum scary dude. Liek Undertaker. Flawed-Flowering 4$6.99
nptcg_verystalebread.gif Very Very Stale Bread

Beyond very stale is a state of bread known only as Very Very Stale. Hey, shut-up, its cheaper. Gross Food 1
toy_hwprize_zombieaisha.gif Wind Up Zombie Aisha

Dem aishas with thier ear-arms are gunna have an advantage among zombie-kind! Unfounded Toys 299¢
food_benyeroberry.gif Benyeroberry

This is poisonous to eolacertilians. Also, that weirdo tanystropheus. IllogiFruit Aisle 1$76.50
bent_fork.gif Bent Fork

This small bent fork is a magical totem that will bend the opponents Attack Forks! James Randi up in that bitch! Ha just kidding. All it is exactly what the title says. Weapondreary 68
bd_muffin_gloves.gif Gloves of the Muffin Man

These gloves have helped to make many muffins and will defend you against the soggiest of the muffins and will also attack an opponent! Watch out, it may steal muffins from your opponent! Irrational Armor 5$2.79
artifact_crystalboomerang.gif Crystal Boomerang

All n' all, this is a very cool-looking boomerang! Its so cool I will even have to finish the description in another language!; Гэта з'яўляецца дзіўным. Weapondreary 1$82.00
artifact_marbles.gif Shrunken Skull Marbles

Yup I see many trapped, lost, vaporized souls in them... Unfounded Toys 4$6.66
mall_food_pretzelcheese.gif Pretzel with Melted Cheese

mpo_potion8.gif Surface Plasma of Gliese 876, Bottled

Straight delivered fresh from the surface of the cooler red dwarf star 15 light-years away from your friendly neighborhood starstuff deliveryman! Defence Magic 2$672,200.50
mpo_jarofforestearth.gif Jar of Forest Earth

This may look like simple forest earth, but it contains magical healing properties. Defence Magic 1$44.00
foo_orange_burger.gif Burger Stuffed Orange

A whole burger has been crammed into this orange to give it that full flavoured meaty taste. Andrew Zimmern would be proud. IllogiFruit Aisle 687¢
gross_licerice.gif Lice Rice

Sick of boring plain old rice? Tuck into the lively alternative, its full of protein too! Gross Food 321¢
bak_ultimate_grilled_cheese.gif Cheese Sandwich of Doom

ARRRGHHH!!! It's a Cheese sandwich of doom, run for your clean hands! Fa-Fazt Food 3yew decide!
gross_olivetaco.gif Olive Marshmallow Taco

Mmmm... marshmallows are perfect sweetener for olives! Gross Food 195¢
feather_tickler.gif Feather Tickler

If you have a foot fetish, then this will become useful of sorts! AntĬnstrument 965¢

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