Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

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Every time, I think of the guy from the movie.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is a movie about a person who invents a machine that can convert water into carbon based food sources despite how that is impossible. The machine goes crazy, he saves the day and falls in love with the girl from the weather channel. His father also loves sardines. Like he really loves sardines.

The film's producers are considering turning Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs into an all-out Broadway musical, the prospect of which is currently unconfirmed.


The film's main characters, mostly insane, react to the predicament of raining food in various different ways:

  • Flint Lockwood, who invented the machine, is plagued with guilt from the adverse effects it eventually had upon Swallow Falls, and is also available for contact at [1]
  • Sam Sparks, the incredibly peppy weather reporter, attempted to stop the disaster but couldn't get Flint to listen since he had such a big head. She was also revealed to be fake. Spoilers, away!
  • Steve (not to be confused with Eh! Steve!), Flint's pet monkey, has a strange narcotic reaction towards gummi bears.
  • Tim Lockwood, Flint's dad, has a face which entirely consists of a monobrow, a nose and a moustache, without any eyes. He doesn't approve of anything at any time.
  • Flint's mum is dead.
  • The doctor guy seems to be in the film for the sole purposes of comic relief and just so happening to be a doctor.
  • The policeman is mildly creepy.

Giant food[edit]

The movie focuses deeply on the idea [2] of what if our food was gigantic? It is portrayed in the movie as a dab thing, featuring a tornado made out of spaghetti and raining hotdogs the size of buses. But what about the fact it could wipe out world hunger? Or you could live in an igloo made out of ice-cream! I for one want an ice-cream igloo after seeing that movie!

OMG SEQUEL!!!!1[edit]

Despite being wrapped up in a way that made plotting out a second movie unlikely, it should now be stated that anything is possible in the business of making movies. CWACOM 2 is going to be cloudier, chancier and meatier than the first one. Watch it dude.[3]

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