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Perhaps, one should use another sword in that kind of situation. Or, better yet, RUN!

Upon loosing your sword or needing to use more than one at the same time, it is advisable to obtain the Another sword. The Another sword is just like a sword, but it is another. Some may call it weapon, but that is for the fnordfnoodle.

It is not to be confused with something similar like an other sword and not so similar like Michael Jordan. It is also not to be confused with anything moderately similar.

How to use[edit]

Press E to use. If that does not work, you have to select another sword. If that does not work, consult with a local cow regarding the Age of the Moon and begin the ancient incantation to summon it. You can also just pick it up.

Upon obtaining it, just wield it in the eea4fd1e3dc714== until the Sun begins to turn counter-clockwise on the Clock of a birthday. Make sure to produce a considerable amounts of honey.

When done, GOTO SLEEP (it's late).

Common users[edit]

Perhaps not so common users, sorted by an irrelevant order:

Okay, now what?[edit]

There is only one thing to do once every skill of another sword is mastered:

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