Holy Roman Empire

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See also the regular Roman Empire.

There are approximately one kajillion states in the Holy Roman Empire. Once a year, they gather together in the Grand Wigwam to elect an Emperor. This man is usually over 80 and balding or severely deformed due to inbreeding. The first Emperor was Augustus, named after the month in which he was born. He died three days after being elected to power, but the Roman senate could not be bothered to convene again so instead they appointed an exact double of Augustus. It is thought that if the real Augustus had survived it would have created a time paradox so weird that John Connor and the Terminators of Skynet would be dancing in the street to the music of Showaddywaddy.

Benefits of being Emperor[edit]

The Emperor's country benefits from his status in several ways. Most of the benefits accrue based on the number of "supportive electors" that the Emperor currently has. A supportive elector is a country:

  1. In the set of electors of the Holy Roman Empire
  2. with which the Emperor has good relations (relations >= 100).

The following benefits apply to the country whose monarch is the Emperor:

  1. Its stability cost is reduced by 1% for each supportive elector.
  2. Its technology cost is reduced by 1% for each supportive elector. However, this reduction is a part of the "tech speed modifier", which is capped both high and low (minimum 1.0, maximum 3.0). So, very small, or very large countries won't benefit.
  3. It gains a bonus of 1 manpower from each supportive elector.
  4. It gains a bonus of 2 ducats yearly (of monthly income) from each supportive elector.
  5. If it is at war, it has military access in all electors (regardless of support).