Flub Nugget Versus The OMG Scary Alien

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An artist's depiction of the fierce battle.


Long ago, in the mystic land of all that is, was, and will be illogical, a mighty battle happened. It was the ultimate battle. The combination of two forces of pure aweseomness. It was the greatest battle that the world ever saw. It was so amazingly frantastic, that all knowledge of the event was shunned from the public eye. Until Now. This is the true story. This is the legend, of the most death-defying supreme ultimate battle in Earth's entire history. This is the story, of when Flub Nugget and The OMG Scary Alien crossed paths. It changed the world forever. It is known by many names, but it is most widely know as: THE ZOMG BATTLE OF TOTAL ANNIHILATION BY AFRO. Let's begin.....

Beginning, Flub Nugget[edit]

Flub Nugget was in his lab, studying the epicness of the Magic Banana while watching T.V. where Entertainment Tonight had a special on The OMG Scary Alien. "What a freak. He thinks he's so great. In the spotlight and all that.... I can't stand him. Such a pompous jerk," Flub Nugget muttered to himself. Meanwhile the report was going on about The OMG Scary Alien's new movie, "Galactic Battle" where he stars as a captain of an alien fleet whose mission is to protect Earth from invaders from the same planet. They had an interview with the movie's producer Steven Spielberg who called it, "E.T. on steroids". Flub Nugget got disgusted, "What is this, his eighth movie this year? Give it a rest already!" The report went on about The OMG Scary Alien's personal life. Flub Nugget couldn't take it anymore, "I've had enough! I've done so much more than that cheap piece of [expletive removed] garbage! I want to see who is truly better. I'll show 'em." The next day, Flub Nugget put out a P.S.A. on every channel known to man (yes even HGTV) about how he was calling out the OMG Scary Alien to a battle of epic proportions.

Beginning, The OMG Scary Alien[edit]

The OMG Scary Alien was walking down the street whistling the tune to his new song, "Four Armed Gangster". Every where he went people awed and shouted, "I want to have your babies!" He just laughed to himself about how obsessed Earthlings can get. He got into his orange Enzo Ferrari and drove to his apartment in downtown L.A. He entered and flipped on the television. "If you are the OMG Scary Alien; This is a message from Flub Nugget: Hello, OMG Scary Alien, or whatever your real name is. I'm Flubicus Johnson Nugget, Flub Nugget for short. I am a millionaire scientist. Perhaps you have heard of me; likely not. I've done ten times more for the world than you but I get ten times less credit. I believe it's time to level the playing field. You think you're a [expletive removed] four armed gangster; well, we shall see. As for the battle, meet me at my lab in Guatemala. I can't wait to see you, hehehehe....". The OMG Scary Alien sat there with a blank look on his face. Then he started laughing at the name "Flub Nugget". But then, he realized he had to fight to assert his awesomeness and settle once and for all that he deserved to be featured a hell of a lot more than this Flub Nugget character. He was going to fight. Flub Nugget was in for a rude awakening.

Commercial Break[edit]

Doctor: I have good news and bad news.
Man: Tell it to me straight; what's the bad news?
Doctor: Well... You're wife is dead.
Man: No! But then, what's the good news?
Doctor: I just saved fifteen percent on my car insurance by switching to GEICO.
Voice Over: GEICO. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent on your car insurance.

The Plane Ride[edit]

The OMG Scary Alien checked his boarding pass. Seat 34A, right. Even though he was a millionaire, he always seemed to get the seats where you are stuck between two 800 pound gorillas, and one of them is eating from a jumbo sized bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Extra Crispy. Let's hope I get lucky.. The OMG Scary Alien said to himself. As he boarded the plane he could already smell the strong odor of the secret ingredient of KFC: dead cats. Of course he knew this because of his advanced intelligence. His thought rate was 78% higher than that of an average human. Then he used his super-senses and detected the location of his seat. He then used one of his unlimited source of Agility Ablility PokeMon cards, which he had received as a Happy Meal Toy at the nearby McDonalds, while supplies last, to advance his movements faster than a cheetah that had just ate several 5 Hour Energy's, energy now, no crash later. He arrived at his seat, and to his surprise, found a spindly old man in the seat next to him. Thank God. he thought as he sat down. 15 minutes into the flight, The OMG Scary Alien realized that there was a giant wad of gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe, so, he took out a match to peel it off. Suddenly the man across the aisle yelled: He's trying to light a shoe bomb!!!. All the people on the plane started screaming. The old guy next to him had a heart attack. The OMG Scary Alien tried to explain that he was scraping off some gum, when another person misunderstood him and yelled: He's got a gun!!!. Then a man came and tackled him, shattering The OMG Scary Alien's prized life size statue of Elton John, which he had been carrying in his pocket the whole time. The man yelled: FBI!!. The FBI agent had The OMG Scary Alien placed in the seat directly across from him, right between two severely obese children. This is gonna be a long ride... he said. As the plane gained full altitude, he thought about what the tabloids were going to say about this.......

Arrival In Guatemala[edit]

A man was walking down a dirt path when he looked down and saw something shiny: Oh look a nickel!, just as a huge flaming plane flew right over him. The OMG Scary Alien had accidentally tampered with one of the fat kids, causing them to explode. Don't ask how, as none of the passengers survived, except the OMG Scary Alien. Now what do I do? he asked himself. Then a baseball hit him in the nuts. Seconds later a basketball smashed his jaw in. Sports balls were flying out of nowhere, just unmercifully well aimed. They were coming in so fast, he didn't have time to react.....


Flub Nugget shouted angrily at his workers, who were messing around with his turbo-catapult and a bag of tennis balls. Stupid Mexicans... he grumbled to himself. It had been three hours since his broad casted his message. He knew that that smelly communist devil had seen it, because he had received a a brick through his window with a note on it saying: you smell like a turd covered in burnt hair. He tried to occupy himself. He played some Chess, pin the tail on the donkey, but even peeling the skin off of squirrels and nailing them to people's front door's couldn't satisfy his anxiousness.

This Is The Title In This Article That Is Telling You When The Battle Begins, And It Also Is Extremely Long And Pointless, As I am Just Rambling On About Nothing It Particular, And I am Also Talking About Dead Hamsters, Which Has Nothing To Do With The Battle And Is Also A Lie, Gooday.[edit]

Then The OMG Scary Alien burst through the doors and brutally bludgeoned Flub Nugget with an Xbox 360 controller until his body lay a quivering pulp of flesh and blood, which he proceeded to dance around on like a bumbling fool, obviously feeling pleased with his work and cocky.

Well That Was Lame, But Wait It Gets Better[edit]

There, there's one retard down, now only Bush is left. The OMG Scary Alien said. Then Flub Nugget's dead carcass harnessed the power of the Magic Banana and brought Flub Nugget back to life and gave him an uber-sock power-up. Where do you think are you goin', punk? We ain't done yet. said Flub Nugget. The OMG Scary Alien turned around. Well, before I completely own you in front of your whole laboratory staff, I'd like to say something. he said. Keep talkin' pretty boy.. Flub Nugget scuffed. Your mother is so hairy, that the only language she speaks IS WOOKIEE!!! The OMG Scary Alien said. Wait just a second there,--- Grrarrg!! C'mon buddy, that was uncalled for, why I outta'--- Grraarrhgh! Oh that's it! Flub Nugget said as he swung a mighty sucker punch at the OMG Scary Alien.

*Ding Ding*!!![edit]

Mike Tyson stepped up to the conveniently placed boxing ring in Flub Nugget's lab. Flub Nugget pushed him out of the way asking, "Why are you here?" The OMG Scary Alien put on his boxing gloves, took off the towel around his neck and stepped up. Flub Nugget put on his gloves, the Magic Banana tucked in his right glove, and stepped into the ring. A referee rang the bell and the fight was off. Flub Nugget was using the epic power of the Magic Banana while The OMG Scary Alien was using his epicness combined with his multiple arms to fend off Flub Nuggets attempts at a quick knockout. But this fight wasn't clean, the gloves were off (not literally) and they were fighting dirty. The OMG Scary Alien was ripping Flub Nugget's hair out and Flub Nugget repeatedly tried to shove the Magic Banana up the OMG Scary Alien's backside. The OMG Scary Alien repeatedly kicked Flub Nugget in the crotch (which is why Flub Nugget can no longer reproduce). Then Flub Nugget pulled out a Giant Panda from his pocket and smashed The OMG Scary Alien's skull in. His massive brain was now partially visible, and blood was gushing from his head like white water rapids. Then The OMG Scary Alien used another one of his Agility Ability Pokemon Cards and rushed to Flub Nugget's potion lab, where he drank several healing potions, and grabbed a conveniently placed gatling gun. He then proceeded to shoot Flub Nugget, the 50 cal. bullets shredding his body. The OMG Scary Alien yelled "Eat lead!" as he stuffed a box of pencils down Flub Nugget's throat, which at this point looked like Swiss cheese. The OMG Scary Alien ignored Flub Nugget's muffled cries as he duct taped his feet to the floor and shoved a hose that he found down his throat. "Now you can have a nice little sprinkler to remember the times that I beat the crap out of you.". What he failed to realize is that Flub Nugget was trying to warn him that the hose was connected to a 6 ton tank of flesh eating acid.

The Fight Goes On[edit]

The OMG Scary Alien turned the valve and a green liquid started coming out of the holes in Flub Nugget's body. He had no time to react as he was sprayed in the face with the acid, burning off his green flesh. Both men lay crippled on the ground. Flub Nugget got up and used some plumber's epoxy to fill up his holes. Then he went into his office, picked up a hack saw, and performed a skin draft on one of his workers. After successfully getting his skin back, he realized that he now looked like a smelly Mexican. So, he went to his potion lab and drank a Mario Energy Drink, which restored his looks and awesomeness. As he raced back to the boxing ring, he discovered that The OMG Scary Alien had fled! "What a coward." Flub Nugget said to himself. Then The OMG Scary Alien burst through the wall........of a daycare. A the dismembered body of a small child lay caught between his toes. "Ummmmm.....sorry wrong place." he said as he flicked the body away. Then The OMG Scary Alien burst through the wall, with a giant bazooka in his hand. "Time to play!" he screeched. Flub Nugget was surprised to see a gerbil fly past him, and then another, which bounced off his chest and cracked it's head open on the ground. The OMG Scary Alien kept on firing gerbil rockets at Flub Nugget, while Flub Nugget started throwing Chinese phone books back. One of them was so big, it crushed The OMG Scary Alien, who got back up, shaken. Then Flub Nugget pulled out the uber-sock power up that the banana had bestowed upon him and whipped The OMG Scary Alien across the face. Now The OMG Scary Alien was mad. So mad that he was forced to cross the line. He pulled out the most highly advanced weapon that was ever shown in public on the face of the Earth. Yes, it was the LOLZapanzer.

The LOLZapanzer!!!


Flub Nugget harnessed the power of the banana to spontaneously combust him.

The LOLZapanzer. A weapon so cool it can't be described in words. The OMG Scary Alien fired several indescribable aerial missiles, which almost undescribable feeling'd Flub Nugget. As The OMG Scary Alien continued his onslaught, Flub Nugget remembered something: Oh yeah! The banana!. Flub Nugget withdrew the mighty banana, which he had stored in his ear previously. He then harnessed the banana's mystic to cause The OMG Scary Alien to spontaneously combust. "Wow, it actually worked." he said. Yet, The OMG Scary Alien was not dead. He was just on fire. Which hurt. Alot. Using the "stop, drop, and roll" technique, The OMG Scary Alien managed to roll around in some gasoline that had been conveniently spilled on the floor (Mexican workers are seen in the background, snickering). This caused him to explode, blowing teh snickers bars from the hands of the Mexicans. He was saved at the last minute, however, by a strange monster known as THE MIGHTY DEUS EX MACHINA!!!!! OMG! Flub Nugget, however, was blasted to the moon by the force of the explosion, causing lots of giant craters shaped like duck, and geese, and owls, and doggies, and cranes, and doggies, and bats, and doggies, and storks, and all sorts of other flying creatures.

Flub Nugget returns[edit]

Or at least he plans to, because he is stuck to the moon with superglue strategically placed on his back by The OMG Scary Alien just seconds after the commercial break. Will he escape?

Yes! Duh! Because epics are supposed to be very long, you stupid narrator. *Squirts narrator in the face with water* Bad narrator!!!! Anyway, now it's.... (cue dramatic music) (queue of audience members appears, waiting to see it) (Q is a letter of no relevance to the following scene)


Yes, you heard right, it's


Boom. Yes, that was it. With a single boom, Flub Nugget returns! He sets his sights on The OMG Scary Alien, and dives! Meanwhile, The OMG Scary Alien eats a sandwich nonchalantly. He thinks he has won. Little does he know that he is about to be struck with a FLUB NUGGET!!!! And then, it dawns on him that he is about to be struck with a FLUB NUGGET!!!! DUN DUN DUN! Then, The OMG Scary Alien was struck with a FLUB NUGGET!!!! There was a giant crash, and they both died. But wait! Their undead corpses can still do battle, as Zombies!!!!!!

Zombie Battle[edit]

Both heroes were now mindless zombies, and Flub Nugget's lab was slightly destroyed. Flub Nugget arose from the place where his body had been tossed like a rag doll, and starting moaning and groaning almost instantly. The OMG Scary Alien also got up, yet the bottom half of his body had been torn away, revealing his gory insides. The OMG Scary Alien dragged himself to the upright Flub Nugget, who was angrily staring at a pineapple, and started chewing on his foot. He then asked himself, "Why am I chewing my foot?" and then stopped. Flub Nugget grabbed a sword from behind a counter


and swung it at The OMG Scary Alien. It cut one of his ears off but he was still fighting. He grabbed a blowtorch and scorched Flub Nugget's body. Flub Nugget grabbed the Magic Banana to restore himself but he would have to also restore The OMG Scary Alien; he did anyway. As they were back to normal, they continued to fight. Getting weapons from God knows where and blowing each other to Oblivion.


They found themselves sitting in a fiery area. The OMG Scary Alien scratched his head, "Where is this?" Flub Nugget answered, "I think it's Oblivion..." "But isn't that just figurative speech?" "Well..." They blew each other back to the lab.

Army of Two.... thousand[edit]

Just then, The OMG Scary Alien called in a fleet of alien soldiers from his home planet of Spaceemaballz. Flub Nugget hired all of his Mexican workers as Minutemen. When all of the forces arrived, a massive fight was on. The alien soldiers took a quick lead by shooting a missile down at the Minutemen. The Minutemen recovered and went on a Kamikaze spree on the aliens. They countered by shooting laser beams right into the heart of the army; Flub Nugget. Flub Nugget dodged but dropped his Magic Banana. The OMG Scary Alien swooped in and grabbed it. Just as he was going to use it, Flub Nugget used the self-destruct button on his remote banana controls. He then got a new Magic Banana and returned to the fight. Just then both the Minutemen and the alien soldiers shot missiles at each other, blowing up both armies.

Back to Fisticuffs[edit]

And then it was back to fisticuffs. The OMG Scary Alien had a disadvantage in this, however, because he was not wearing cuff links! Flub Nugget, outraged at this sudden lack of fashion sense, punched The OMG Scary Alien so hard that he (The OMG Scary Alien, that is) crapped in his pants, then shouted "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!", except in slow motion, and punched Flub Nugget clean in the face. Then Flub Nugget, now even more outraged, screamed at some Mexicans. Although, his yelling failed to even mentally disturb The OMG Scary Alien. Then something amazing happened. Something so amazing, that it nearly made Flub Nugget's fluffy pink Afro fall off. The OMG Scary Alien reached into his jump suit's pocket, and pulled out a kitten. And the kitten reached into his pocket, and pulled out another kitten, and that kitten reached in his pocket, and pulled out yet another kitten, which in return retrieved a kitten from it's pocket............

Commercial Break[edit]

Guy 1:Hey.
Guy 2:Hey.
Guy 1:Buy some of this delicious candy or I will kill your entire family.
Guy 2:You're bluffing.
48 Minutes Later...
Guy 2:WHY?!? WHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!? *sob* WHY??????

And then that kitten reached into his pocket and pulled out another kitten, who reached into it's own pocket, and pulled out another kitten...[edit]

And that kitten reached into it's own furry little pocket, and withdrew a man, who in hit Flub Nugget on the head with a tack hammer, while at the same time making loud unnecessary noises, like this:


Unfortunately, Flub Nugget is allergic to Uber leet pwnage and sneezed in The OMG Scary Alien's face, which made The OMG Scary Alien curse in his native language, thus corrupting the young kittens' minds, and causing them to turn into...

The Super Evil Diabolical Demon Army From The Netherlands! Or Netherworlds. Either Way[edit]


The evil kitties started to claw at The OMG Scary Alien's face. He quickly brushed them away and punched Flub Nugget. He screamed profanity at him and punched him back. The fight continued like this for several hours, until a vortex portal opened, and the two were "accidentally" knocked in, (Mexicans are seen snickering in the background). The experience of being sucked through a wormhole is not pleasant. After the battle, one of the participants was asked, what did it fell like, and he simply said:"....ow...". Then the vortex opened again. Flub Nugget and The OMG Scary Alien jumped out. Flub Nugget looked around. They were in a medium sized room, with a small couch, a coffe table, a cabinet, an old TV, and a teenage boy sitting at a desk, typing a story. The teen looked up. Flub Nugget said: "Hi. Where are we?". Before he had time to hear the boy's response, The OMG Scary Alien tackled Flub Nugget. Flub Nugget roundhouse kicked The OMG Scary Alien right in his face, shattering it. The OMG Scary Alien stopped time so he could pick up his facial shards and duct tape them back together. Then he resumed time, yet to find Flub Nugget gone. Flub Nugget had used the banana's power to shiled himself from the time stop, and had snuck into the next room. There he would wait, then ambush The OMG Scary Alien. But, his plan had backfired, as The OMG Scary Alien had already discovered him talking to himself, and had angrily bit his ear off. The OMG Scary Alien, who was now chewing on Flub Nugget's ear, said: "You are no match for the powah of ME!!!!".

But he was[edit]

"Oops." said the OMG scary alien, before being punched in the face. The OMG Scary Alien quickly kicked Flub Nugget in the testicles. He fell to ground holding his balls. He muttered, "Anywhere but the nuts..." He got back up, rolled his neck and cracked his knuckles. He then tripped The OMG Scary Alien and started to step on his face. "You like that, huh? Huh? You little dirty piece of [explicitive removed] poo!" The OMG Scary Alien grabbed Flub Nugget's jabbing leg and tripped him. The OMG Scary Alien got a baseball bat and bludgeoned Flub Nugget three times. Flub Nugget threw up some blood but was back in the fight. He took a random uzi that was on a table and rapid fired at The OMG Scary Alien. But The OMG Scary Alien had a secret, he was wearing an invisible bullet proof vest but Flub Nugget permanently damaged it forcing The OMG Scary Alien to take it off. Then the vortex opened and sucked them back to Flub Nugget's lab, where the fight went on.

Wait, wut?[edit]

Just then, Flub Nugget realized that their intense fighting caused them to enter Flub Nugget's neighbor's house. They were a nice couple and always greeted Flub warmly but they would be pissed if they found The OMG Scary Alien and Flub fighting in their house so he quickly ran away back into the street. Just then, The OMG Scary Alien kicked Flub Nugget straight up into the air launching him up for miles. Flub Nugget came down holding a katana which he used to impale The OMG Scary Alien. The OMG Scary Alien removed the katana from his abdomen and used it to decapitate Flub Nugget. Flub Nugget quickly put his head back on with some Gorilla Tape, which is made by the Gorilla Glue Company, and is basically duct tape on steriods, and shot The OMG Scary Alien with the 9 millimeter he was hiding up his anus. The OMG Scary Alien ripped the bullet out of his chest and threw it at Flub Nugget causing it to get lodged inside of his ear. Then both men were in slow motion. Flub Nugget shot at The OMG Scary Alien with the carbine that was conviently placed in his massive pink afro, and a bullet went through The OMG Scary Alien's heart...


Spock and Kirk, seemingly older...

The OMG Scary Alien was loosing blood fast. The small bullet wound was now a gaping hole, because Flub Nugget decided to start praticeing his mad golf skills. The OMG Scary Alien was going to die, but if he did, he was takig Flubby with him. The OMG Scary Alien squirted Flub Nugget in the face with some of his ever flowing blood. Then a very high stakes poker game ensued. Flub put down 3 aces 2 kings and 4 jacks, while the rest of the table folded, except for The OMG Scary Alien. He put down 1 Ace 5 Kings 8 Queens 5 10's and 11 jacks. Flub Nugget said: "I win!". And the other said: "No I did!". Then Flub Nugget yelled out: "I EAT DUCT TAPE!!!". Horns flared. Confetti sprinkled the floor. And William Shatner came on down and congratulated Flub Nugget. Why? Because they were all actually playing Million Dollar Password, and Flub Nugget had guessed correct. Now The OMG Scary Alien was mad. He was really mad. I mean, really really really really really really really really really really really mad. So mad, that he wanted to take a nice steaming dump on top of Flub Nugget's giant afro. And that's what he did. He took a crap on Flub Nugget. It was brown. It was explosive. It was everywhere. Even on William Shatner's fat face. And you know what? William shatner started to cry. Then he called that Spock Guy. And Scotty. And all the other main characters of the original Star Trek. And they were mad. I mean, really mad. So mad that they joined the fight, which was now Star Trek VS Flub Nugget and The OMG Scary Alien Who Are Also Fighting Eachother!!!!!!!!!

Star Trek Cast Members That Are Now Really Old, Versus Flub Nugget And The OMG Scary Alien, Who Are Both Relatively Young Compared To Their Oponents and Were At One Point Fighting Eachother, But Have Now Become Buds, Excepted Their Differences, And Teamed Up!!! I Eat Cats![edit]

Just then, all of the Star Trek members remembered about their AARP meeting so they ran off stage. The OMG Scary Alien used the spare crap to plug up the hole of blood in his chest. He then took some and threw it at Flub Nugget's eyes blinding him. He ran around spinning and eventually collided with The OMG Scary Alien. The OMG Scary Alien began to bite into Flub Nugget's pink afro but then stared at it in awe. "So pink... So fluffy..." thought The OMG Scary Alien. He realized that his pink afro was too perfect to destroy so he used a machete to stab Flub Nugget. Flub Nugget then wiped off his eyes and kicked The OMG Scary Alien in the stomach. Just then, Magic Johnson came out of the sky and landed in between them. "Wha?" he said, "What am I doing here?" Magic hurriedly ran away. The OMG Scary Alien then punched Flub Nugget in the eye. Flub Nugget; in his last breath, punched The OMG Scary Alien in the stomach. They both fell down. Breathing heavily. They were tired. Very, very, very, tired. Beat. Don't you get it???? They were TIRED!!! Even awesome people/aliens/Flub Nuggets get TIRED!!!! Get off of my back!! GAH!!!!!

But then... A giant meteor landed right next to them, causing a giant explosion, but nobody died because this article isn't long enough to be epic yet. Then, who should emerge from the rubble, but... the LOL friendly native, The OMG Scary Alien's anti-self! Oh noes! The OMG Scary Alien quickly activated his awesome jet-pack, and escaped, leaving Flub Nugget to wander around for the rest of this sentence. Flub Nugget withdrew a gigantic fly swatter from Peter Jackson's massive rolls of fat, and struck The OMG Scary Alien from the sky. The OMG Scary Alien crashed to the ground. He crashed so hard that the letters in his name were mixed around. He was now Teh GTGBRB Illegal Alien!!! But, then he switched them back. The fight was coming to the end. Both dudes were exhausted, injured, confused, bamboozled, and slightly unconcious. Flub Nugget said something like "hey you big panda pencil, eated a book with teh shaving creams?". The OMG Scary Alien revealed his real name, but we did not hear as a semi truck rushed by at that moment. They were done. Nobody wanted to fight anymore, neither did they have the energy. "Truce?" "Truce.". Both of them shook hands, and Flub Nugget's fell off, as he had not fully recovered from the "zombie" chapter. Just then Flub Nugget's puke green poodle ran by and to a pee on both of them, yet, the urine was warm, and comforting, like the former enemies' newfound friendship...


Flub Nugget and The OMG Scary Alien were walking away from the battle scene in slow motion, into the orange glow of the sun's mighty set. AS they reached the edge of the highway, Flub Nugget asked what he wanted to do now. The OMG Scary Alien replied: "How 'bout Reno, or Las Vegas?". Flub Nugget said "I like Reno. You they have theses little clubs that play fusion jazz, and they have spicy onion rings and---". Just then Flub Nugget and The OMG Scary Alien were hit by a very large semi truck, breaking Flub Nugget's spine and sending him flying into outer space, where his body was turned to ashes in the atmosphere, killing him instantly. The OMG Scary Alien's face was ripped off, his limbs dismembered, and his head cracked open. The driver of the vehicle got out. It was none other than, Silent Penguin. He laughed at his work. He walked casually over to the crippled OMG Scary Alien. He bent over and tasted the blood spilled on the ground. Strawberry. he thought, though the blood was clearly grape. Seppy pulled out his Ultimate Shotgun, and with a grin, shot The OMG Scary Alien 800 times in the face. This killed him even before the bullets had hit him. Silent Penguin stood up, walked away, and got in his truck. He then drove to the nearest 4 way intersection, ripped out his spine, and played jump rope with it. Both heroes were dead. Seppy later travelled into space, and retrieved the Magic Banana, which he used for the logo of Illogicopedia.........

(Fanfare music kicks in)

(Credits Start Rolling) Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blaaaa bla bla blahhhahahhah Written By Ragglefraggleking, T3canolis, and Sithman8

Seconds anyone????

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