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the title is part of it[edit]

logo is haiku
TOC is also one
Please don't break that thing

Five, seven and five[edit]

2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomytwo plus two is five[edit]

Please write your good haiku things![edit]

Please write a haiku!
A short yet profound method
of true expression.

Your haiku can be
About anything you want,
No one will stop you.

If you do not know
How to write a good haiku,
No need to worry!

A simple structure:
5, 7, 5 syllables.
Only three lines long.

I wish you the best
In writing your quaint haikus.
Perhaps you'll like it!

2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 04:21, 9 Ditzimber 2016 (UTC)

LAR Adriator-Gruntled.pngPlant2.pngThe User Gruntled[edit]

iterative one[edit]

An iterative haiku
Mancky Scot git might be
The funniest thing I have
Ever heard. Rinse, repeat.

LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 18:30, 11 Jeremy 2017 (UTC)

my Reply of that haiku[edit]
The real problem is
That is six, seven and six
Not a five, but six.

14:11, 1 Aym 2017 (UTC)

Cg098(CG ninety eight)[edit]

Pollution Haiku[edit]

Trees are very blue
Gerbils are quite troublesome
Soil pollution

Cg098 (talk) 05:05, 9 Ditzimber 2016 (UTC)

Another reply of that[edit]
That's not a haiku
You just missed one syllable
Fifth in the third line.

Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 05:47, 9 Ditzimber 2016 (UTC)

Another reply[edit]

I beg to differ.
These haikus are all valid.
I see no error.

2+2=5 SPEAK TO ME, ILLOGIAN! Past accounts of sodomy RAVENOUS AND RUTHLESS CAPITALISM The greatest article in the history of Illogia! 07:54, 9 Ditzimber 2016 (UTC)

this is third reply[edit]
the 'Soil Pollution'
Is 'Soil' in two syllables?
I might be so wrong.

14:11, 1 Aym 2017 (UTC)

have opened a box of worms[edit]

In the U.S., yes.
Maybe not in Australia.
English can be weird.

Cg098 (talk) 23:49, 1 Aym 2017 (UTC)

All these syllables,
Second line really has eight.
But that's natural.

XY007 (talk - contribs - business) 23:58, 1 Aym 2017 (UTC)

Oh, 5-7-5
Is an English thing, you know.
In Japan they don't.

XY007 (talk - contribs - business) 23:58, 1 Aym 2017 (UTC)

Meet me on the smoon[edit]

Meet me on the moon
Everlasting love moment
Meet me on the smoon

Cg098 (talk) 03:28, 11 Jeremy 2017 (UTC)

XY007(Nice XY haikus)[edit]

Haiku about Weasel cat[edit]

Weasel weasel cat.
Weasel weasel weasel cat.
Weasel weasel cat.

Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 09:55, 9 Ditzimber 2016 (UTC)

ain't buying [space] [space].[edit]

I'm giving up on try-
-ing to sell you things that you
ain't buying [space] [space]

Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 10:45, 10 Jeremy 2017 (UTC)

haiku of Ferrets[edit]

Spaces, gaps, and cats
Ferrets are no different
To the human lord

Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 01:10, 21 Arche 2017 (UTC)

Decks.png(This user is Awesomedecks)[edit]

We are number one[edit]

Now, look at this net.
Throw it at him, and not me.
Let's try something else.
Decks.png ~ Good tidings! ~ 11:34, 9 Ditzimber 2016 (UTC)

PiddlerOfTrousers(Mister Piddler)[edit]

Haiku about Illogic[edit]

This is a haiku
Though it doesn't make much sense


I wake up in the
morning and I step outside
And I say HEYAYY

PiddlerOfTrousers- - -I've ruined Illogicopedia 795 times! 16:56, 15 Ditzimber 2016 (UTC)

mass haiku by πŸ‘ˆ lol πŸ‘‰[edit]

haiku about Babbling[edit]

Hang out with people
We all are uber insane

The Recent Changes[edit]

the Main page and browse
Below that, click that button
See the bunch of πŸ‘ˆ lol πŸ‘‰s

Edit Count Haiku[edit]

Not Competition
Still makes me want to beat you

Illogicards beta test[edit]

Looking big and good
We need more cards to play games
Nevermind let's play

bad boy, Louis LOL[edit]

Blanking all pages
hundreds socks, ready to go
Vandal this wiki

Good of Missingno.[edit]

Talking to old man
Try to surf along the coast
Infinite candies

Things about that Minecraft game[edit]

Used to play a lot
Lots of young kids joined the game
Now game is half-dead

This forum itself[edit]

Indents going up
My haikus just never ends
A lot of Indents

Forum:Count to 10,000[edit]

6,7,8,9 and 10
11 and 12

335th thing[edit]

Telling Route numbers
Some complex mathematic things
Nearing to the end

πŸ‘ˆ lol πŸ‘‰, the Vanity[edit]

Rack up some edits
Rack up even more edits
Rack up even more


Earning some money
Don't know where to spend money
Logo looks cool tho

Edit count boosting pages[edit]

I need Edit counts
Let's go cheat some edits in
Thousand at a time

Super Hexagon[edit]

Human can't beat it
WTF I did
how the heck I did

Haiku of Indents[edit]

long chain of Replies
More and more, getting messy
How many is that

Haiku of Haiku by πŸ‘ˆ lol πŸ‘‰[edit]

Enjoyed my haiku?
Don't worry i'll rack up more
Maybe pretty soon

Table of contents[edit]

Did you realized
Table of contents itself
is all good haikus

seven, nine and seven now.[edit]

Seven, nine, and then seven
I'll call it the extended Haikus
We know how to do it now.

14:35, 1 Aym 2017 (UTC)

mouse, kitchen door, and quite illegal[edit]

I don't understand the mouse
Keeps on running, to the kitchen door
Some things are quite illegal

Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 01:10, 21 Arche 2017 (UTC)

this haiku's name is OK[edit]

OK OK...OK!!! Je-
OW!!! SUS!!! I'M AWAKE!!! Jesus! How could
You wake me up like that?!

LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 02:00, 21 Arche 2017 (UTC)

filler haiku to fill space[edit]

Who made these haikus above
Gotta go through all of past frenzies
I just did that certainly

14:26, 1 Aym 2017 (UTC)

Uh-Oh another name just got in[edit]

Haikus inside a haikus
TOC one was just brilliant
Haikuception, here we go.

14:40, 1 Aym 2017 (UTC)

I need all 3 of them now[edit]

I'll keep up the good works here
You can count on my mass rack edits

14:40, 1 Aym 2017 (UTC)

In contemplation of the segue[edit]

Dog humping my leg
Hm... do I smell like a bitch?
The Potsdam Conference.

LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 03:15, 1 Yoon 2017 (UTC)

Segue fugue[edit]

A Brak Show inspired pseudohaiku[edit]

Why would Petroleum Joe
Eat Patton Oswalt?
How long would digestion take?

An answer to this thought,
Perhaps a day or twenty?
I really don't know