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Minecraft is Adolf Hitler's little-known second book, concerning his secret love of knitting.

Minecraft v1.14 is a game involving monsters and building stuff AND TONS OF EXPLODING CRAP. It also has blocks, blocks, blocks, blocks, and blocks. (I think there's some blocks there too. There might not be.) And, most of all, this dust that DOESN'T make you high, but makes computers.

It's awesome. No seriously. You should try it sometime.


Now, once you've started the game, you become insane BECAUSE NO ROBES EXIST. Yes. Insane. Mentally. Closely associated with the TIME CUBE conspiracy, Botch, the creator of Mindcrafts, is an evil computer genius who plans to take over the world using this program. The person who tries to stop him is berobine. He is an average joe. So far, Botch has decided to add more and more and more randomly thought-of blocks and updates nobody even wants. It's like steam, but without any hats. Oh, wait, no, there's hats. Also, it's out of Beater and got released on tim{e}. I take a Flint 'm' steal, and suddenly fire.

This certainly is a nice page you've got here...

Would be a shame if something were to happen to it...

ssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssss...Tm a stalking creeper

  1. selfie 2014 that is lame
  • note playing minecraft will result in extreme addiction, expect an upwards of 5 years in order to get off.


Minecraft costs like 30 bucks and it's going to go up now that Windows owns it. Sooner or later you're going to have to pay for regular installments. And they're going to remove the Mac version. And use it to brainwash people.... Just sayin'.

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