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Seriously, we should. Because nothing says quite the same 'We care about your caring about us' as talkpage spam. Or something.

Also, I made a fancy template:

4th Edition
Banana green.png
Banana green.png
Illogicopedia's newspaper just got stolen. Or something.
18 Ergust 2011
The Illogicopedian Times is a single piece of paper dedicated to keeping all of Illogicopedia's users distracted while various nefarious things go on in the background. Send all subscription fees (a large octopus will suffice) to Gruntled's doorstop for confirmation.

There is probably news. Unfortunately, I have no idea what it may be. If you know, please... er... tell me. And bring coffee. Lots of it. Try to be quiet, though, please. And no lights.

Large cat spotted on ?pedia page

In terrible breaking news, terrible because it wasn't just the news that got broken, but also all our recording devices and snacks as well as pretty much everything else in the area, a large cat was spotted on a page. Said large cat then realised he'd been spotted, freaked out, and tried to get the spots off, causing the ensuing breakage.

All in all, it wasn't very pretty.


Not here, though. Are we even capable of managing proper drama? Or is that just Uncyclopedia? And why in tarnation are they so good at it?

Idiot writer person thinks she's being funny right now

Seriously, she's so out of it she finds this funny. I'm not even kidding you. She's also mixing my tenses; can't even keep straight whether this is third person or fourth or whatever that one is that is that other one and stuff. Damn, I don't feel so good.

Screw it, I'm going to bed.

Other news
By Someone else

News. Or newslike stuff. Or stuff. Or stufflike cheese. Or something. Here.


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I can't really explain what I put in it, though. ~ Pointy.png 07:05, 18 Ergust 2011

You did great. I'm already finding it more interesting and less pointless than the Unsignpost. ~ The Bard of Illogicopedia TinyQuill.gif 08:35, 18 Ergust 2011 (UTC)
Good idea! After all, we haven't made a new ?times issue since sometime in 2009. Hey, maybe I should write a column for it! And I have the perfect idea: IllogiPoll! ~[thehappyspaceman] 17:15, 08/18/2011
Excellent. And, er... well, it would need other folks contributing, so... sure? I mean, you wouldn't want to wind up with my version of what Gruntled was doing with the Illogiblog, do you? That said, how would... any of the whatnots actually work? Any ideas? ~ Pointy.png 18:11, 18 Ergust 2011
I'm not very reliable now that school's back in, but sure, I'll do it. —rms talk 23:59, 18 Ergust 2011 (UTC)
Is anyone here reliable? ~ Pointy.png 15:15, 19 Ergust 2011
Maybe... sometimes? Gruntled AKA Reverend Zim_ulator AKA Grunteloons - Exchange ideas 03:03, 20 Ergust 2011 (UTC)

I made one here as an exercise in futility. Gruntled AKA Reverend Zim_ulator AKA Grunteloons - Exchange ideas 03:52, 19 Ergust 2011 (UTC)

Great... though how will we use all of these? O_o ~ Pointy.png 15:15, 19 Ergust 2011

This is awesome. Good old unbiased journalism. Rock on --THE 03:57, 19 Ergust 2011 (UTC)

Thanks Athyria and THE. I agree, this might be fun on a bun. Gruntled AKA Reverend Zim_ulator AKA Grunteloons - Exchange ideas 17:18, 19 Ergust 2011 (UTC)
Also we should probably declare a state of site-wide emergency over that giant cat issue, it's getting pretty out of control. --THE 03:59, 19 Ergust 2011 (UTC)
Well, he's sedated currently. But it's just when people react to him that he reacts, though. ~ Pointy.png 15:15, 19 Ergust 2011
My granddaughter's friend has a way with ill-tempered cats... shall we let them play and see what happens? Gruntled AKA Reverend Zim_ulator AKA Grunteloons - Exchange ideas 17:18, 19 Ergust 2011 (UTC)
Best make sure she's armed, first. Here, give her these bear arms I took off some foo. ~ Pointy.png 19:13, 19 Ergust 2011
Mmmm, bear arm stew... no, must focus... *hands off bear arms to Micro_zimulatrix* Cheers, and thanks for all the fish!Gruntled AKA Reverend Zim_ulator AKA Grunteloons - Exchange ideas 03:03, 20 Ergust 2011 (UTC)
@Gruntled Yay for obscure Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy references! ~[thehappyspaceman] 03:30, 08/20/2011
Thanks for noticing, Dan. It gratifies me to no end, or perhaps to some end, the end of which can never actually be reached, according to quantum mechanics. Don't you love how people use quantum mechanics to explain any bat shit crazy idea, as though the invocation of such makes anything possible, and indeed, probable? It makes me giggle through my beard. Gruntled AKA Reverend Zim_ulator AKA Grunteloons - Exchange ideas 03:42, 20 Ergust 2011 (UTC)
Did the dog eat it? ~ Pointy.png 05:48, 20 Ergust 2011
No, this was during doggie Ramadan. 17:17, 20 Ergust 2011 (UTC)
If that's the case, can the dog eat it? This is very important. ~ Pointy.png 16:18, 21 Ergust 2011
Right, it's really important. The dog can eat it, but may not want to. I used a lot of chili powder. Gruntled AKA Reverend Zim_ulator AKA Grunteloons - Exchange ideas 17:19, 21 Ergust 2011 (UTC)
Ah, very nice. That should do the trick, yes. ~ Pointy.png 14:48, 24 Ergust 2011

Since I didn't really read anything above...[edit source]

What's going on? Are we bringing it back? If so, when? And who the heck is writing? —rms talk 23:16, 22 Ergust 2011 (UTC)

It's actually already back. I'd like to push one out every Saturday, if possible. I threw together this week's edition just to get it kick-started, and then Gruntled and Athyria added a couple more stories to that version. It worked great. If anyone wants to add something to the /Current version anytime this week, I'll push another one out this Saturday. ~ The Bard of Illogicopedia TinyQuill.gif 23:28, 22 Ergust 2011 (UTC)