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Lemonade is the music between my ass.

Lemonade is often used in multicultral events as it's color is yellow. Currently in the world there are no people that are yellow so all cultures except lemonade making it the universal juice.


The most widely excepted chemical formula for the construction of this universal juice goes as followed:

This is said to be the biggest leap in science ever as everyone in the world is capable of making lemonade. This leap is bigger than the finding that all atoms' nucleus contain fragments of lemonade because they are thirsty. This furthurs the fact of lemonade is the universal juice.

Headline text?[edit]

I'm afraid not.

Bold text?

Getting warmer.


Nice Try but no cigar.

Yes, Yes you should.

You're all wrong[edit]

The Answer was Lemonade.

Morgan Freeman[edit]

Morgan Freeman is the sole provider of lemonade with added natural sugar. Science has not been able to explain this phenomena but they sure like drinking it, yum.



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