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Bepis is a drink made in china where the conke is added to the Pepsi and god is made but then dies because you mixed two opposing elements.

Conk is angerey and pepsi macces you sicc but bepis is

  • non stop partying
  • no cades
  • overstimulation
  • +1 flirting
  • cancer cured
  • cucumbers
  • more cucumbas
  • much excite
  • no limits
  • may cause color blindness
  • did i mention
  • cucumbers
  • causes/cures epilepsy
  • best drincc
  • no tomorrow
  • smells nice

Bepis is made by Bepis Company and carried on Bepis Trucc to supermarccet & doge is very happ bc it is on DISCOUNT PRICES but cade could contaminate it with Conk or doge could droncc the real thing and regret after 2 seconds bc is potat and not hard boye.


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