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Ah, Magenta. The original reddish purple. I'm looking at you, Fuchsia. Magenta was invented not too long ago when the web colours were created. Before then, Magenta didn't exist. There was not a city in Italy named Magenta in which the colour was made long before the web colours. Don't believe the lies. In painting, we call the mix of red and purple red purple or red violet. Damnit, fuchsia! Not again! Stop appearing when I talk about Magenta! All you need to know is that Magenta was formulated around the mid 1980s alongside Bisque and Navajo White. Why did they have to make so many beiges? I dunno.

Fun Fact[edit | edit source]

Magenta is a fish. Oh wait, that's coral. No, wait, was it pink? Ohhhhh, salmon. Sorry, My brain is getting smoothed by my iron right now. Sorry for any inconviniences. Wait, how do you spell it? Inconveneihnse? Inkonphenients? AGH!!!!!!!

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