Captain Worpp? Captain Worpp? Are you gonna eat those candle wax?

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A pizza and a round ring of dominoes. Dominoes, as in those plastic things that you stack up, and at times knock down. They go in a line, like penguins, with dots on them, only less round and with feet and water balloons. Is that a kazoo? I didn't accidentally search this time, but I've been driven from my homeland. Someone built a pipe organ with a mouthpiece that you blow into, literally.

I shall now take a brief break. I will return after my break is over. Don't get knocked over when I turn around, with a piece of unidentifiable plastic on the groun.

No, do not fix my typos, please. I dont need no plastic srugr.y.

This is getting alarming. You need three phones in order to make an orange back....there's that word again...speakers have holes in them, tape.

I saw two sandals, and I saw a box, and a shell.

you can leave a comp uter in a rooom for 80 years. Locked. And it won't decompppppose.

Its not the same with pigs.


Stolen, lifted from the wall and thumb-tacked.

Colours - Colors - Coolers - Hummers