Nothing Rhymes With Purple

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Purple has served us well as a colour over the years, providing Ribena, bruises and any amount of other purple-ness. Given that this is so, does it not deserve a rhyme? Although it has always held its colour despite its singularity within the rhyming world, surely it has earned the right to at least one partner.

My proposal is thus: We create a new word that rhymes with purple, purely for the sake of rhyming with purple. The word needs no other function, and would exist purely as a partner for the word that has for so long been without it. 'Gurple'.

It wouldn't only be beneficial for purple having gurple around. With no pre-defined meaning, it could be applied to any circumstance, as either a noun, verb, or adjective, with the definition changing to suit the users' needs. A utility belt of the verbal world, that also happens to rhyme with purple. It would certainly help poetry. The number of times I've longed to end a line with purple...

Support me in this. Gurple, partner of purple and word of the people. You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

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