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Olives are... olives. Olive things. Did you know olive is a colour? It's the colour of olives, which are these weird fruit things. In Mediterranean areas. They grow on trees and smell funny. The trees, not the... well, the olives themselves probably smell rather odd, too, but the massive heaps of trees smell really odd. Like... just... odd.

Dammit, I am so tired... why am I even talking about olives? I don't know anything about olives. Do you know anything about olives? Like that nonsense with the olive oil, it's all nonsense. All nonsense... and holy crap, this is... um... erm.

Maybe... maybe I should sleep. Like... sleep. And not dream of olives, but now that horrible smell is in my head, I can't get it out of my head, just remembering it wound up with the smell in my head, oh, gods, oh gods...

The smell...

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