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Schmargle-Orange (or Schmorange for short) is a color that was part of the natural raindeerbow. It was used in many places and is quite common, but is pretty rare in these days. This color tastes like schmargle-oranges, the national fruit of Portuguesia.

Orangin[edit | edit source]

Once up on a Portuguesia some crazy people decided to eat schmargle-oranges. Little did they know that these fruits were also a favorite of Schmargle-Orange Chus and were promptly eaten. The End.

Uses[edit | edit source]

This color was first used in making crayons to make raindeerbows. Due to severe ugliness, it had to be taken out of Crayola crayon boxes before they asplode.

Later on in the history of colors, those crazy Skittle people decided to add Schmorange flavored skittles to their fruitiness. After that everyone got poisoned a whole lot and threw up. Then, one of them got to be a complete Einstein and ate another schmorange skittle. In the end, they all asploded.

However, this is not the end of this asploding color. Jar Jar Binks finds a Schmorange Chu somewhere in the plains of Banananab. He uses the Chu Jelly from the chu to create lightsaber saber saberswords. These freakily colored flashlights became the yugly toppings of the disco ball and everyone in the star wars saga wanted them. Jar Jar Binks weilded the one and not only Schmorange one, as he started a pointless war that took six movies long. The power of the Schmargle Orange Lightsaber Saber Sabersword was that it would make your head asplode. In the end, Jar Jar Binks tries in vain to put the Schmorange Lightsaber Saber Sabersword on his finger, only to find that it doesn't make him invisible. He asploded.

The Schmorange color also was briefly used in making the movie "MY HEAD ASPLODED", but was taken out for a not unapparent reasonable reason.

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