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Most Canadians are glad they have no part of this (pictured)

In the current incarnation, you will not be a battery. Parking under the porch was definitely a bad idea. Like Samson of the Biblical tale, beer was at the heart of the matter. Dark, stinky beer.

Idi Amin [1] once greeted his doctor by inflating a goat with helium and forcing it fight a werewolf. The disguise was ineffective as the groundswell swelled and the gophers dug their insidious holes to Hell. Having battered a jolly burning person for the imposition, a goat will surely come out of the back end triumphant and soiled with SQL.

One might think, being a Navy flier, that the prom queen has final say over a bomb release. After all, if intuition fails, one must consider being two. A result, a side effect, really, was the appearance of three Bodhisattvas wielding brooms as though to say, "Clean up your act!" Peak foliage could be had throughout New England, particularly not in Revere, where nothing is revered.

As predicted by an Excel spreadsheet, coded in Runes by Jimmy Carter and Imogene Coco, scant praise was paid towards efforts at smuggling democracy into countries ruled by tyrannical regimes. Despite the presence of free samples, the crinkled hands of robots from the future (who were actually ape-like creatures) could not grip weapons properly. The only success was a table and shelf combination made by three of the creatures using a router, table saw, and 30MM anti-aircraft cannon.

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  1. In an effort to sabotage the practical joke, brushed aluminum pickles were placed strategically in a reverse pentagram. All that was left was the swivel chair.