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“Garlic, what is it?”

~ Reader upon clicking the link leading to this article

Well, my dear idiot, garlic is a fruity chew designed to turn one's breath into a venomous stench that will scare away vampires and sexually attract politicians.

YOU CALL THIS A TACO![edit | edit source]

Or, Garlic - How is It Made?

Garlic is made by the hardworking people in Crippletown. They use sophisticated tools like stones and goats blood to create this fine thing.Many people travel the world to eat the fresh garlic and have there taste buds sexify themselves in a very unpleasant way. Crippletown is near Surrey somewhere.

Popularity For The Zing[edit | edit source]

Or, Garlic - Does It Have A Brain?

If you use a siphon telecackter then yes you shall find one. Otherwise you will need keen eyesight and a member of a popular food group to save you from the powerful mind waves it gives off.

Quick For Your Never![edit | edit source]

Or, Garlic - A Smelly Conclusion

Garlic does not love you and neither does General Zarg. So Eat them in healthy amounts or it shall wipe away your memory and feast upon the brainial lobes you call feet.