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Hello TheOddity and welcome to ?pedia, have fun editing, and dont forget we have stuff like a forum, a IRC channel and a political system.--Silent Penguin 18:56, 10 Aym 2007 (UTC)

Hello, Silent Penguin. =) Do you normally type Aym instead of May (which is part of reality, which is all a lie)? -Miss Oddity 2:20, 10 Aym 2007 (UTC)

What, no, We messed about with the Mediawiki software so all the months are slightly different to what they should be so it does it automaticly when the month is requested.--Silent Penguin 19:28, 10 Aym 2007 (UTC)

Ohhhhh. Okay. Um...what's UTC mean? -Miss Oddity 2:29, 10 May 2007 (UTC)

I'm guessing it's some kind of time thingy, just like GMT (greenwich mean time). Welcome to ?Pedia, by the way, enjoyyourstayorelse:D

I want to stay forever and ever and ever and ever... =D But, of course, I can't do that...I'll just skive off work for a while and write articles... I like ?pedia. X3 -Miss Oddity

eurr?@ welcome to the fold. continue to be odd and "T". --Testostereich 13:32, 13 Aym 2007 (UTC)

Are you gonna create ur userpage>????

What's a userpage for? I'm not going to make a userpage if it's basically useless... -Miss Oddity

sos nonsesnse but its still kool

It comes up when your name (currently red as no userpage is made) is clicked on in history logs and such. You can put something about yourself there if you feel like it; it's optional. And a welcome from me as well, by the way.

Also, the way you put User:TheOddity inside curly braces in your signature could become a problem if you make a userpage, as it is the template inclusion syntax - your userpage would be embedded once at every instance of it once made. I think [[User:TheOddity]] is what you'd want - that simply links to it. Or you can make a separate page, such as User:TheOddity/sig, put a signature name/link without date/time in there, then put in {{User:TheOddity/sig}} to display your signature. --Fluffalizer 20:04, 13 Aym 2007 (UTC)

Ohh...'kay... - Miss Oddity

Wow i'm spaced[edit]

I dunno i feel like talking to you right nnnnnnow for some reason. I see your up for writer of the month, as is I. Good luck and may the best man/woman/moth/inanimate object often refered affectionately to as Bob by my brother/moth win> --Testostereich 16:56, 18 Aym 2007 (UTC)

And good luck to you too. X3 --Miss Oddity

did you crossover from uncyc[edit]

just curious. That is all. (sniggers uncontrollably upon stealing catchphrase), joking, i think. Testostereich(ballsack)

No, I did not. In fact, I come here more than to Uncyclopedia. =D That is all. - Miss Oddity

Woot...i mean Quack[edit]

Insane Award

Fonchezzz says, "Congrats! YOU ,my friend, are a DUCK. To tell you the truth, I dont know if it's a good thing. Don't be too proud." WELCOME TO THE join the party.....quACK

--Romanducky.jpg|Fonchezzz| Quacking|Smile no.jpg 18:17, 8 Ergust 2007 (UTC)


For your hand in the kicking and the hurting of that vandal - you win this:

Dedicated User Award

Testostereich says, "Huzzah! YOU, my brother, have proved your chivalry. I knight thee an illogicopedian sir/dame for your services to the site! NOW COME JOIN US AT THE ROUND TABLE, you might want to watch out for the wobbly chair leg though

Well done --Testostereich(ballsack) 06:32, 29 Serpeniver 2007 (UTC)


I'm a dame! -music- --Little Miss Oddity

since you are insane[edit]

You have been promoted in the duck levels. Congratulations.--Romanducky.jpg|Fonchezzz| Quacking|Smile no.jpg 16:26, 23 Novelniver 2007 (UTC)

And please put yuour template on your user page. it will put you under the category of duck clan members. --Romanducky.jpg|Fonchezzz| Quacking|Smile no.jpg 16:27, 23 Novelniver 2007 (UTC)



You are Novelniver 2007's Writer of the Month! Well done. Here's your trophy and a coupon for a pint of milk. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 13:21, 2 Ditzimber 2007 (UTC)

YES WIN[edit]

I say 'YES WIN' too much...even in real life. Real life? What's that? OOOH, A COUPON! --Jessica C. Duck, the Oddity

Where are you?--Romanducky.jpg|Fonchezzz| Quacking|Smile no.jpg 20:49, 4 Farbleum 2008 (UTC)

I are here --Jessica C. Duck, the Oddity

THANKS! yayyy!--Romanducky.jpg|Fonchezzz| Quacking|Smile no.jpg 23:06, 1 Arche 2008 (UTC)


Featured Illogicopedian


This user is a winner of the Illogicopedian of the Month award.

(See other winners)

If you receive this message you are a past winner of Illogicopedian of the Month. It may be a bit late but you are hereby awarded the IOTM template: your badge of honour that shows you are the cream of the Illogicopedian crop. Congratulations! -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 11:51, 1 Jumbly 2008 (UTC)


It has obviously been a while since you have been around here. I'm afraid we haven't met. ~ ReadMeSoon!? The Desperate Book 02:30, 4 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Hello! I am some odd person who has too many things going on. That is why I haven't been around very much. That, and I have used up most of my ideas when I first started out here. So who might you be? :) --Jessica C. Duck, the Oddity
I am new here, I joined about late August, and like you, ran out of ideas fast. But the people here love me. Within twenty days of joining I was nominated for IOTM but lost that month and the next and now have the lead this month. But the current feature is mine. Aka: Fat Hippo. Also, I have a featured image and A Day in the Life of a Golf Ball is queued for feature. So, ya. Oh, I forgot, the name's Readmesoon, but people like to call me RMS. I ;ive in the US. ~ ReadMeSoon!? The Desperate Book 05:26, 4 Novelniver 2008 (UTC)

Quick Question (though you're never around)[edit]

I'm trying to fill out the nationality part of the Illogicopedian of the Month page and you're the last one to do. So what country do you live in? --T3 16:24, 8 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)

I live in the United States (I'm so boring). Oh, look at that! I'm back! --Jessica C. Duck, the Oddity

Boring? U.S.A. FTW. But anyway, I guess I'd better say hi because you were never really active since I started (which was exactly 1 day less than a year ago). So yeah, HI. --T3 17:05, 8 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)
I joined a year 5 months and 1 day ago. I think wen i joined you were still active but soon retired. So, yeah i never really got a chance to even know who you hi. -- Ragglefraggleking Is Eating Your Bagels 17:13, 8 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)
I don't remember why I kinda stopped visiting and writing on ?pedia, but it was quite fun back then, and I'm sure it'll be fun now. Hello to both of you, and I'm also sure that neither of you actually want to know me. I'm quite silly and...confusing. :) --Jessica C. Duck, the Oddity
Oh well. Also, I have a feeling you may want to check this out: This --T3 18:25, 8 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)
Go's a sausage fest here. Hey, look, I'm one of the very few females here!... Then again, do I count? I play DnD and RuneScape, and occasionally Call of Duty... --Jessica C. Duck, the Oddity
Of course you count. Who decided video games and all that weren't allowed to be played by women? Probably the guy that put all of the blood and gore in them... Nevermind that. It's good to have different types of people here except for of course the Brits. Check some of the stuff that's been going on around here. It's good to have you back. Smiley.png
Hey, and welcome back. I've read your articles, they really make my brain dissolve. Anyhow, I am Readmesoon, and I am going to give you the choice between a balloon or a rabbit, before I eat both. Also, Call me "Mr. Cool" since I am the coolest person here. I have 5 features (Take that, humanity!) and like four featured images (Take that again, humanity!). So yeah, I kick ass, and T3 doesn't so don't listen to him. —rms talk 21:25, 8 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)
Holy crap, five features and four featured images? Congrats, d00d. Thanks for the welcome, the compliment (I think?) on my articles, and I'll take both before you eat them, thanks. --Jessica C. Duck, the Oddity
Ah ah ah, only one now. /waves finger And yes, thatwas a compliment. The more pudding-like my brain becomes, the more illogical the article is. —rms talk 00:01, 9 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)
I feel left out. Uhh, now I have to justify this post...need something to say...hmmmm. Nope. Nothing. Zip. Nout. Oh well. Welcome back, don't touch anything in the fridge, it's all gone a bit mouldy since you were last here...--JonTehSexyMofo 00:06, 9 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)
Have the fnurdles gone moldy too? Oh wait, they're not supposed to be in the fridge... --Jessica C. Duck, the Oddity
Fnurdles don't go mouldy, they go Fnouldy. And they were only in the fridge for a few years --JonTehSexyMofo 00:16, 9 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)
The fnurdles have been cryogenically frozen. The poor things. --Jessica C. Duck, the Oddity
And they shall be unfrozen when the world can finally accept them for who they are. It's for their own good --JonTehSexyMofo 00:24, 9 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)
Uh... I like salad? —rms talk 01:20, 9 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)


I'm so totally not jumping on the welcome back bandwagon, why this red carpet and surprise home coming party in your honour are a mere coincedence, I'm really here because some idiot decided to write me in. And now I'm trapped here, HELP *bangs on the screen* I'LL GET YOU ADMIN!! I'LL GET YOU!!! Right after I sign my post .. Testostereich(ballsack) 21:42, 8 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)

-trips on red carpet- --Jessica C. Duck, the Oddity

I hope you don't mind...[edit]

A while back, I did a rewrite of Science. I hope you don't really mind. —rms talk 20:17, 10 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)

I don't mind. I think most my articles are just paragraphs I wrote while eating instant tea mix during lunch periods years ago. I'm sure they're all due for a rewrite. --Jessica C. Duck, the Oddity
Actually, I really enjoyed Computer. —rms talk 20:51, 10 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)
Looks like that one's been through a rewrite as well. Those images weren't there years ago! --Jessica C. Duck, the Oddity
Oh, yeah. Checking the history, I see you only added the part with the conversation. Best part, though! —rms talk 20:58, 10 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)
Thanks. :D I like Lunch box. I never knew those things could be so vicious! (Also I have nothing else to say because I am lame) --Jessica C. Duck, the Oddity
Thanks. Speaking of which, would you mind voting up on articles? If some get one more vote (dpending on which way you vote) they could get queued and clear out the line of articles nominated. —rms talk 21:16, 10 Jumbly 2009 (UTC)

Wilt is a pretty cool guy[edit]

But you seemed cooler. Wish I coulda been there while you were around. Decks.png ~ Good tidings! ~ 06:08, 25 Ergust 2015 (UTC)