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Funday is a theoretical state of existence first suggested by the humanist philosopher Prince in 1984. However, it did not come to into popular acceptance until 1986, when Susanna Hoffs began to preach about it fervently on the public airwaves.

It impossible to define precisely, as by definition it involves a complete lack of structure and necessity. Generally it is characterized by a conspicuous lack of clothing, beer pong, Doritos, and loud music.

Mainstream culture celebrates this social phenomenon weekly, but it is practiced by students of higher learning sometimes as frequently as daily... at least until they are expelled and return to the workforce.

Sensible Days
of Sanity:
  Monday | Bunday | Funday | Friday | Tuesday | Saturday | Santaday | Sunday  
  Thursday | Yesterday | Today | Tomorrow | Wednesday  
of Insanity:
  Eebleday | Bleebleday | Squeebleday | Eeblesonkday | Fatterday | Fnurdleday
  Sjinkday | Frinkday | Sonkday | Shonday | Cultday | Isoday | Æday