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By far the worst day of the week. You wake up and you're like, "Yay! It's Friday but guess what? IT'S NOT! IT'S THURSDAY. SO YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER DAY FOR THE WEEKEND F***FACE!"

And you know what else? Thursday used to be good because Burn Notice was on at 9 but guess what? U.S.A. Network said, "Heh, heh, how about we torture people under 18" and they moved it to ten. Now I have to DVR and watch it the next day. Incon-fucking-venience!

Also, Thanksgiving is also on a Thursday. And Thanksgiving is the most overrated holiday ever. Turkey is the most OVERRATED food ever. It's more bland than unsalted crackers! What do you get from Thanksgiving? You get thanks. What the hell is thanks gonna get you? Nothing; that's what. I can't buy anything with thanks. I can't watch thanks. Thanks isn't a videogame. Why do I need a holiday to have to spend time with family members? Because with families there's people you like, and people you don't. And the one's you don't always overshadow the ones you like.

So yeah Thursday; go f*** yourself.

After all, I never could get the hand of Thursdays.

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