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Sjinkday is a day named by Ancient Roman emperor Phillip Dogcok II after an evil demon after it requested it in return for various sexual favours. Ancient manuscripture quotes the story as this:

Ooh, impromptu dialogue![edit | edit source]

“Get thee unto thine knees!”

~ Phillip Dogcok II on after throwing a stone at the demon

“I'll get my pickaxe”

~ Sjink on clearly up for a fun night out

“Wait a sec ur liek an evil coolish emperor... change history for me or I won't write the kama sutra with you”

~ Sjink on is like a very cunning prostitute

“Accursed demon! OKSURE”

~ Phillip Dogcok II on shortly before insulting Jesus over instant messenger

Antonyms[edit | edit source]

  • Yadknijs
  • Antonio Banderos
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