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“I'm gonna party like it's 2090!!!”

~ Taxworm on joining a cult

You are in a cult.

You a-words on Twitter, pæææææææææss me off you dicks! 6!

Cultday is the day when you join a cult. This means you are in a cult. SaaS!

Sung to "Love Theme" by Ennio Moricone[edit | edit source]

I have just joined a
and now I'm in a
stop repeating the word

I'm feeling like a
I really want a
Because your mom is

I don't know how does the rest of the song go like, so I'll just slap On Sight by Kanye West and go with it.

Also, have you heard of ISO? You know, haha iso smash head hamer? No? Well, he made a cult. It was named "Illogicopedia". A really interesting name. The co-founders were Taxworm and Dr. DUuH. Perhaps you know them? No, not at all? Then what about Bluey? You know him? Well, he was the marketing chief for the cult. They bought a small show on FOX News named "Gutfeld". Yeah, it contains a ton of subliminal messages to join Illogicopedia. By the way, did you join it yet? Come on, bro, I ask you to join for like 2 months straight! What do you mean "ISO ISO ISO"?? Wait, nonononononono-


After that explosion, Dr. DUuH was blocked.

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