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Bleebleday rules the pool. Twice as good as Eebleday, on Bleebleday it rains cheese and dogs participate in television remote control wars. Jam is consumed and people run round in their houses/cardboard boxes/underpants screaming Bleeeeeeble! whilst foaming at the mouth and writing nonsensical ramblings on a piece of imaginary paper.

Fairly early, Pearly the whirly girly jerlies the Maherly.

Sensible Days
of Sanity:
  Monday | Bunday | Funday | Friday | Tuesday | Saturday | Santaday | Sunday  
  Thursday | Yesterday | Today | Tomorrow | Wednesday  
of Insanity:
  Eebleday | Bleebleday | Squeebleday | Eeblesonkday | Fatterday | Fnurdleday
  Sjinkday | Frinkday | Sonkday | Shonday | Cultday | Isoday | Æday